D1S: (10) Toronto Topples (7) Sacred, 215-90

D1S: (10) Toronto Topples (7) Sacred, 215-90 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photograph by D.E.sign

SALEM, OR–The opening bout of the final WFTDA division one playoff was another WFTDA rankings upset–the second of the four 7v10 games to end up with the lower-ranked side on top. This one was as much about Sacred not being able to keep jammer or pack penalties under control as it was about Toronto’s smart and unified play–but the CN Power made the most of the advantage they were handed by Sacred expending as much energy complaining about penalties as they did avoiding them to take the win by a supremely comfortable 215-90 margin.

Daddy’s Girl pushed Sacred into a 14-0 lead before Slapjack and Bambi both went to the box in jam two. While CN Power briefly took the lead on that powerjam, they let it slip–but retook it again 10 minutes in on courtesy of a double powerjam for Bella-Reina that gave them a lead they never relinquished. Dusty polished off the end of that powerjam with Daddy’s Girl still boxed and the lead was 66-32 with 12 minutes gone. Toronto continued to dominate lead calls as they kept their defence clean and made a numerical advantage on the track pay.

Toronto held Sacred scoreless for the remainder of the quarter as their lead stretched past 50 with a fairly consistent 3D1O setup, with Betty Bomber a particular rock on defence. Colt 45 put up Sacred’s first points in 7 jams as Toronto picked up their first pack penalties in almost as many jams.

The Sacrificers built on that as they began to get themselves together and stay on the track in greater numbers than CN Power–but were undone by another powerjam. That pattern continued through the half–the team that kept blockers on the track in greater number prospered. An Axel Breaker picked up penalty numbers six and sever in her first turn with the star Sacred’s deficit grew to 93 at the end of the period–Toronto led 148-55 at the interval.

Toronto’s lead passed 100 in the opening jams before Sacred started a rally very similar to the one that looked to be about to pull them back into in the first half. They kept numbers on the track and got a run of points and lead calls in a 20-0 run–but soon they were reduced to one blocker and Bambi began to pile on the points and pain again. Inevitably it was a Toronto powerjam that made the lead 100 again despite Slapjack’s power on defence limiting the damage somewhat.

The lead hovered around 100 and another powerjam pushed CN Power’s lead to 120. It finished with Toronto taking a comfortable upset win 215-90, and progressing to an 8p.m. quarterfinal against Atlanta; Sacred will play first thing Saturday morning to avoid playing for ninth place on Sunday.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.