D1S: (3) Rat City Squeaks By (6) Boston, 212-205

D1S: (3) Rat City Squeaks By (6) Boston, 212-205 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SALEM, OR–Boston and Rat City played an instant classic to close out the first day of Salem Playoffs, going blow-for-blow in a bout that featured multiple lead changes in the first three-quarters. Rat established a 40-point margin late in the game and fought off a last-minute power jam-assisted comeback from Boston to escape with a 212-205 victory.

Boston put up the first point of the game–but Jalapeno Business struck back with a natural 9-0 in the very next jam and Luna Negra followed it up with a 4-0 as Lil Payne struggled with the Rat City defence. That made it 13-0 with just a couple of minutes gone, although Boston crept back up to bring it within a single pass with 21 minutes to play in the half.

Three minutes later Rat City found themselves in penalty trouble, losing their jammer and two blockers to the box–and Maya Mangleyou, with offensive assistance from Shark Week, took Boston into the lead. She made it 35-19 and was approaching for another scoring pass as Juxtapose returned to play. That marked the halfway point of the first period and made the margin 20 points, 39-19 in Boston’s favour.

When the penalty tide turned, so did the scoring; Luna Negra made quick work of a short and diminishing Boston pack to grab lead jammer status and add 9, making it 40-30 with 12:30 on the clock. Rat added seven more over the next three jams and Luna Negra looked set to retake the lead for Rat after overtaking Sofa King What?–but cut the track, handing King a power jam. At its conclusion, Boston led 50-41 with just over seven minutes to go in the period.

A penalty on Maya Mangleyou next time out put Jalapeno Business in an enviable position–and she in turn put Rat back into the lead, despite sterling defence from Ginger Kid which slowed her scoring. That made it 56-50 with Rat leading and prompted Boston to call an official review to request–unsuccessfully–a track cut call on Jalapeno, stopping the clock at 5:25.

The next jam went the full two minutes and ninety seconds in, Maya Mangleyou had tied it up when Juxtapose cut her way to the box, giving Boston a power jam–and the lead, 77-70 with three minutes left in the half. Lil Payne stretched the margin out with five more points before Juxtapose’s penalty expired–but landed in the box herself.

It was a one-point game at 86-85 in Boston’s favour going into the final jam of the half; Carmen Getsome picked up a quick lead call as she scooted through the two Boston blockers and quickly added points. Her 17-0 run and late-jam defensive play gave Rat a 103-86 lead going into halftime.

Rat City opened the second period with a 10-0 run across two jams, but Carmen Getsome cut her way to the box to hand King a power jam; she pushed Boston past the century mark to make it 106-113 before Carmen returned to play–and 111-113 with 24:40 on the clock when the jam ended. Space Invader then retook the lead for Boston with a quick 4-0.

Top Jammers

Skater: Jams / Lead / Points

Rat City

Jalapeno Business: 11 / 7 / 52
Luna Negra: 8 / 6 / 47
Carmen Getsome: 9 / 6 / 43
Jukestapose: 6 / 0 / 33


Maya Mangleyou: 11 / 6 / 71
Flyin’ King: 6 / 4 / 40
Lil’ Paine: 11 / 3 / 34
Space Invader: 7 / 3 / 31

Full stats courtesy of Rinxter.

Back and forth play continued over the next five minutes, keeping the margin within a literal handful of points, until Jalapeno Business pulled Rat back into the lead with a 5-0 run, making it 136-133 Rat with 19 minutes remaining in the match.

Luna Negra and Carmen Getsome backed that up with 4-0 and 3-0 respectively to put the margin at 10 points–and Carmen called it off from the floor after being blocked across the infield and to the ground. Boston burnt their official review there looking for a cut call on Carmen, but she was ruled to have been down when she reentered the track.

Centripetal Force ran for 9-0 to make it 152-133 in Rat’s favour and Boston called a timeout to stop the clock at 14:34. Jalapeno Business opened up the margin in earnest with a 14-0 before a 10-minute UStream outage interrupted DNN-Austin recapping operations.

When video resumed, just over two minutes were left to play and Boston had found themselves in equipment failure problem. With Full Nelson seated in the box with the Rat City star, King’s truck broke, forcing a star pass to Ginger Kid–who in turn found herself battling repeated kneepad slips, thwarting her scoring attempts. At the jam’s conclusion, Rat City led 209-187 and Boston called their last time-out to stop the clock with 1:00 remaining.

Carmen Getsome went up against Lil Payne to close out the bout–and picked up a forearm penalty to give Boston a power jam to end the game. They had a 3-1 pack advantage and as Lil Payne hit the pack on her first scoring run, she passed the star to Anna Wrecksya who added 17 points to Payne’s 1–but time was not on Boston’s side and when the jam clock expired after period time, Rat had escaped with a 212-205 win.