D1S: (6) Boston Tailors (9) Outfit, 378-184

D1S: (6) Boston Tailors (9) Outfit, 378-184 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SALEM, OR–The Chicago Outfit’s Syndicate drew first blood in their match against the Boston Massacre thanks to a power jam, but the overwhelming majority of penalties thereafter were to the Massacre’s advantage–and it told, as Boston took the lead seven minutes in and never looked back en route to a 378-184 win.

Chicago leapt out to an early lead thanks to a power jam for Queefer Sutherland; she added 19-0 before being hit to the outside and calling it off as her opponent left the box. But Boston went on a tear over the next five minutes before a power jam let King put her side firmly in the lead, 44-20 with seven minutes gone.

Lil Paine found herself on a power jam a couple of minutes later and put up points before passing the star to Maya Mangleyou, who racked up a couple of scoring passes of her own before Matza Ball Breaker returned to play. When the jam expired, Chicago had put up three–but Boston had gone 81-4 since the first jam to make it 81-23 ten minutes in.

Another power jam off the back of a Queefer Sutherland low block pushed Boston past the century mark and demonstrated a consistent–and effective–Boston strategy, as Ginger Kid was passed the star to run out the rest of the penalty. Queefer returned to play right as the jam expired, only to be returned to the box; King, aided by a 4-2 pack advantage, had a big run to make it 141-30 halfway through the first period.

The Outfit got a much-needed lead jammer call with nine minutes left in the half but Joan Ranger returned for a scoring pass only to be met with a heavy Boston wall; she called it off for 0-0 and the Massacre called an official review to dispute a two-minute penalty on Shark Week, stopping the clock at 8:41 with the score at 187-50. Both calls stood, leaving Boston skating short and Lola Blow added 4-0 for the Outfit next time out.

Boston opted for conservative play over the remainder of the period, settling for 4-0 jams, and went deep into their bench for jammers; it paid off as they broke the double-century with three minutes left in the half, 202-61. But penalty trouble struck and Matza Ball Breaker used a 3-1 pack advantage to close the gap a little, 210-74.

A back block call on Anna Wrecksya at the end of the jam gave the Outfit a power jam to end out the period; Queefer made it 210-84 before cutting her way to the box as the period clock expired, releasing Anna. Hero Shima and Joan Ranger slowed her scoring but at the jam’s conclusion, Boston took a 216-87 lead into halftime.

Matza Ball Breaker looked set to break the century mark for Chicago in the fifth jam of the second period but had to settle for two points after hitting the Boston front wall; that made it 237-98 with 23:30 to play. Shark Week back-blocked her way to the box next time out, though, leaving Lola Blow scoring unopposed–albeit at a 4-2 pack disadvantage–and she went 12-0 to leave it at 237-110.

It was back to business as usual after that; Boston used their consistent pack advantages to put up points in small but steady increments–but when they had a power jam, they didn’t hesitate to rack up the points, hitting 305 to the Outfit’s 130 halfway through the period. They did break their pattern a little as the clock ticked past 13 minutes, though, passing the star on a non-power jam as Queefer Sutherland got stifled on her initial pass for a full two minutes, making it 323-133 with 12 minutes to play.

Joan Ranger had a rare power jam opportunity and added points for the Outfit but then cut the track herself, freeing Bad Person to make it 332-153 with 8 to go. The next jam was a power start for Boston but Maya Mangleyou handed the opportunity to the Outfit after a forearm penalty was assessed–which Boston promptly appealed when the jam ended, although the call stood.

Lola Blow put up a quick five before passing the star to Queefer Sutherland who used a rare Outfit pack advantage to push her side’s score to 175 to Boston’s 345 with just over five minutes remaining in the game.

A power jam for King with four minutes to go put the very last nails in the Outfit’s coffin; she made it 350-175 before passing the star to Dixie Kicks who added 15 of her own. Boston ultimately skated out 378-184 victors.