D1S: (7) Sacred Shatters (5) Charm, 213-186

D1S: (7) Sacred Shatters (5) Charm, 213-186 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

The first game of the consolation bracket saw #7 seed Sacred taking on #5 seed Charm City. Both teams suffered big losses on day one – Sacred lost to #10 seed Toronto in the first game of the day 215-90 and Detroit snatched a win over Charm to win 209-199 later in the day. Both teams were hungry for a win, which made for a scattered start.

Charm City’s Susy Pow donned the star in the first jam, versus Sacred’s not-so-secret jamming weapon 4Closer. 4Closer picked up two natural grand slams putting up a quick 10 points for Sacred.

Just Carol came out of the starting blocks flying in the second jam, taking lead quickly in a 4-2 pack advantage. But a hesitant call-off allowed Sacred to also get four, bringing the score to 14-4 in favour of Sacred.

Both teams got into early penalty trouble, with two blockers on the track for the first few jams. But it was Sacred whose defence appeared to weather the storm best, staying in front even when Charm was able to pick up lead.

With 19:55 left in the half and the score at 31-12 in favor of Sacred, Charm took a time out. At the conclusion of that break, Sacred took lead as Charm’s blockers diminished to two, bringing the score to 35-12.

4Closer showed her smarts in the first half, working hard and safe on Charm’s defense and playing it safe as Sacred pulled away to 50-12 with 16 minutes left in the half.

Holly Gohardly pulled a beautiful cut on Colt 45, giving Charm a much needed power jam. Sacred’s box filled up as Just Carol worked Slap Jack and Axel Breaker hard. She called the jam to ice Colt 45 in the box, bringing the score to 50-22. Susy Pow took the jam line and scurried to a quick four points with just one Sacred blocker on the track, but following orders from her bench, ran the jam clock down and allowed one more Sacred blocker to return from the box.

The score stayed tight for the remainder of the period, until Daddy’s Girl went to the box as lead jammer on a track cut in the dying seconds of the first half. Susy Pow was left to work on Annie Anklebiter and Miss Behaving alone. At the half, the score sat at 100-68 in favor of Charm.

Charm did not get the start they wanted in the second half, with Just Carol picking up a cut track in the first jam. 4Closer was left with a full four-wall of blockers to contend with, but made light work of the wall, taking 25 points before Just Carol returned and another five once she was back on track. Just Carol lost her jammer cover in the dying seconds of the jam, but 4Closer still called it. By the second jam, it was 100-98 in favour of Charm.

Nuckin Futz picked up a forearm penalty with 24 minutes left in the game and with three Charm blockers in the box, O’Chit was left to deal with the power jam alone. Lady Quebeaum and Battery Operated soon returned but the damage was done. Sacred took the lead before Nuckin Futz could return to the track and with 22: 35 left on the clock at the jam’s natural conclusion, Sacred stretched out their lead to 126-115.

Sacred’s prayers were answered once again soon after, as Just Carol was sent to the box for a forearm major, but the Baltimore Gods were also shining down early in the next jam when 4Closer was sent to the box on a low block. Allie B Back took a star pass to relieve Just Carol and her fresh legs were able to rack up two passes for her team. With 18:51 left in the game, the score sat at 131-124 to Sacred.

Charm shifted the momentum when Nuckin Futz next took the line. With Daddy’s Girl sent off on a forearm and the Sacred box full, Charm took the lead as Holly Gohardly, Loretta Scars, Just Carol and O’Chit goated the Sacred defence. Nuckin Futz took a heavy hit late in the jam and the jam was called for her; the score sat at 151-147.

Daddy’s Girl started the next jam in the box with an insubordination call standing after an official review. Susy Pow took the track alone with just Misbehaved to pass but when Cash Money returned from the box, she was able to hit Pow out and run her back. Daddy’s Girl soon returned but a dainty pirouette from Pow allowed her to pick up another 4 points; a 14-point jam for Charm and the score was brought to 170-147 in favor of Charm with 9:35 to go.

Susy’s effectiveness was rewarded as she donned the star again two jams later, but she was sent to the box on a track cut. Daddy’s Girl followed soon after on a back block, releasing Pow. She wasn’t able to score before Daddy’s Girl returned to the track and started scoring.

With the NSO penalty board starting to look like alphabet soup with 6:43 left in the game, Sacred’s Neill n Weep fouled out; many skaters on both teams sat on the brink of doing the same.

Susy Pow came out as jammer against 4Closer with four minutes left in the game but was sent to the box on a track cut after Axel Breaker rode the tape to stay in. She received a second minute for insubordination; all but sealing the win for Sacred. 4Closer continued to play safe. By the end of the jam, Susy was still sitting and the lead had once again changed, 193-186 with just 1:44 left in the game.

Daddy’s Girl jammed for the next jam and blitzed her way to pass after pass. Susy Pow returned from the box but was held at the back of the pack by Sacred’s blistering tough defence. With just eight seconds to go, Daddy’s Girl played it cool and waited for the period clock to run down.

An official review was called to contest an uncalled cut after the final whistle but no call was made. Sacred took the win 213-186. Sacred now advances to play Victoria at 6pm today in the fight for fifth place, while Charm goes on to play in the 9th-10th place consolation game at 10am on Sunday.