D1S 7th: (6) Boston Desecrates (7) Sacred, 309-151

D1S 7th: (6) Boston Desecrates (7) Sacred, 309-151 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SALEM, OR — The penultimate consolation game at Salem was for 7th place, with #6 Boston taking on #7 Sacred. Boston had just come off a loss to #10 Toronto the day before, while Sacred lost to #8 Victorian. While Sacred put up a good fight to start, penalties and foul outs mounted; Boston came away with the win – 309-151.

The game started with 4Closer lining up against Lil’ Paine. Great defensive work from Sacred, as well as swift play from 4Closer, allowed the skaters from Sacramento to chalk up a 9-0 jam to start the game off.

Both teams put on the pressure early, with 0-0 jams and quick call-offs by Sacred characterising the first quarter of the game. With 16 minutes left in the first half, Maya Mangleyou took on Colt 45 – Colt took lead in a 4-3 pack disadvantage and chose to skate slowly and waste time to release her blocker, despite being down 59-30.

In the next jam, Maya Mangleyou took lead over 4Closer. Meanwhile, Cash Money got sent to the box for two minutes, one for insubordination. Boston continued its strategy of running 4-4 or nearly-matching passes against Sacred City. This Boston strategy was controversial the day before, with many a crowd member screaming to the Boston bench to use the clock more wisely. While the Boston team largely wore bottoms that read “TRUST IN JUSTIN”, crowd members this morning were less supportive, with whiteboard signs that read “DON’T TRUST IN JUSTIN”.

Sacred got into penalty trouble with 12 minutes to go, as Axel Breaker had to force through the pack with just one blocker on the track. But in the next jam, Sacred’s prayers were answered as Flyin’ King was sent to the box as jammer for Boston. Colt 45 chewed through Boston’s defence, and by the time she was on her third scoring pass, just Space Invader was left on the track trying to stop her. At the conclusion of the jam, the score margin closed up to 87-57.

Axel Breaker made light work of a 4-2 pack advantage in the next jam, and just as she took lead, Maya Mangleyou was sent to the box on a jammer forearm. With Maya Mangleyou standing in the box at the close of the jam and 4Closer lining up to complete the power jam, Boston took their official review. The contested call on the jammer stood and Mangleyou remained in the box.

4Closer took to the track and blitzed through the 4-2 pack advantage Sacred had, grabbing four quick points and calling it while Boston still had two blockers standing in the box. Axel Breaker finished off the power play and maintained her 100% lead jammer percentage, bringing the score to 87-83 with 3:45 left to play in the half.

Neill n Weep and Slap Jack proved their work in the next jam, holding Flyin’ King for over a minute before she could claim lead. Colt 45 also escaped the Boston defence and was able to force the call off with 0-0 recorded for the jam.

4Closer played a characteristic strong and patient game in the next jam, working the Boston defence hard to even the score at 87-all with less than one minute left on the period clock. But Axel Breaker was sent to the box in the final jam of the half, giving Lil’ Paine a power jam against a full wall of Sacred blockers. 425, 113, 38 and 15. Paine star passed to Ginger Kid, who managed to rack up some points before Axel Breaker was released. Going into the half, the score sat at 106-87 in favor of Boston.

Returning from the half, Boston once against employed their clock-wasting strategy, allowing 4Closer to score. At the end of the jam the score was 118-95 in favor of Boston; 12 points Boston, 9 points Sacred.

With 27:45 left in the game, five blockers went to the box within seconds of each other, and a grey, maroon and blue parade swept towards the box. By the next jam, just two blockers from each team were on the track, and with Bad Person also sent to the box, Boston’s line cleaned out to just one blocker. With the box full and some penalty time burnt, Boston’s Flyin’ King called of the jam, leaving the score at 135-103 in favor of Boston.

Sacred managed to take lead jammer in the next 3 jams, bringing the score closer, but when Daddy’s Girl was sent to the box with 21 minutes left in the game, Flyin’ King extended Boston’s lead to 165-119.

With 17 minutes left to play, Sacred’s Axel Breaker fouled out of the game; a huge loss to Sacred’s jammer rotation. The score sat at 190-127 at the conclusion of the jam. In the next jam, Daddy’s Girl was sent to the penalty box on a cut, and Annie Anklebiter also fouled out as the pivot, returning to the changing room, pivot cover in tow.

Boston continued to pull away with the lead, and with just over 10 minutes left in the game, they led 227-136. After two Sacred foul outs, Boston powerhouse blocker and jammer Ginger Kid was ejected from play.

Sacred were left relatively scoreless for the remainder of the game, and with just 30 seconds left on the period clock, 4Closer grabbed lead and grabbed four quick points; the fourth of which was an in-air barrel roll over and around a Boston blocker. The final score was 309-151 in favor of Boston. Boston came to Salem as 6th seed and leaves 7th, while 7th seed Sacred City leaves in 8th place.