D1S: (8) Victoria Outlasts (7) Sacred, 225-113

D1S: (8) Victoria Outlasts (7) Sacred, 225-113 Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

SALEM, OR–The road to fifth place in the consolation bracket continued as #7 Sacred – recently victorious against #5 seed Charm – took on the downunder power of #8 Victoria. While both teams came out strong and benefited from their top jammers’ prowess, it was Victoria who came away with a 225-113 win.

First up on the line was Victoria’s fancy-footed Mad Mel Arena, who went up against Sacred’s top scorer 4Closer. Victoria tried a pivot line start but 4Closer was able to push the Victoria defence out for lead. On the approach, 4Closer was pushed out, allowing Mad Mel to grab one quick point. First blood went to Sacred, but with Mad Mel’s single, the score was 4-1.

Swish Cariboom quickly took lead in jam 2 and ran up a couple of passes as Daddy’s Girl was still stuck in the pack. Sacred’s defence waned with Daddy’s Girl having to take on Rocky, Ruby Ribcrusher, Chuck and Smashin’ Pop all alone. She was eventually was sent to the box for a multi-player block, leaving Skate Bush on a power jam.

Skate Bush struggled with the strong defense by Neill n Weep, Axel Breaker, Billy Jean Baretta and Slap Jack. By the time Daddy’s Girl returned from the box, Victoria extended their lead to 29-4. Skate Bush ended up in the box for a forearm, but by jam’s end, the score was pushed out to 42-4.

Starting in the box, Daddy’s Girl was sent back to the box on an illegal re-entry, releasing Skate Bush. Skate Bush wasn’t able to capitalise on the power jam, however, and by the time Daddy’s Girl was released, Victoria could only spread the lead to 44-4.

4Closer took lead in the next jam and with 20:58 to go, she scored on a reduced Victoria defence, scoring five points before G-Banger forced her way through Miss Behaved, Cash Money and Slap Jack. Colt 45 kept the momentum going in the next jam, grabbing lead from Mad Mel Arena as Victoria suffered from a diminished defence. At the end of a nightmare jam for Victoria, Sacred had pulled the score to 44-28 and scoring natural grand slams.

With 17 minutes to go, both Axel Breaker and Swish Cariboom were sent to the box as jammers for their respective sides. Axel Breaker powered through Ruby Ribcrusher, Calamity Maim and Tui Lyon to squeak out a few points and at the natural conclusion of the jam, the score was brought to 49-40 in favor of Victoria.

Sacred power jams ruled the next few minutes as both 4Closer and Daddy’s Girl were sent to the box. Victoria utilised a mix of passive and active offense to stretch their lead out to 98-48.

Another power jam occurred in the next jam as 4Closer was sent to the box on a back block. G-Banger had a tough time dealing with the Sacred defence, who effectively shut down the power jam, and the score was only pushed out to 54-40.

With 10:30 left in the first half, Mad Mel Arena showed off her fancy feet as Rocky, Ruby and Chuck held Daddy’s Girl, and Victoria pulled away to 76-40.

Forearm penalties appeared to be the penalty du jour, as evidenced in the power jam awarded to Victoria as Daddy’s Girl was sent to the box. Swish Cariboom played it safe against the Sacred defense, and by the time the power jam was over, the score was 98-48 in favor of Victoria.

Both teams tightened up their defence by the close of the first half, and five on five derby was a regular fixture on the track. This trend didn’t last into the second half, when in the first jam, 4Closer fell and took Victoria’s Tui Lyon with her, forcing a penalty and giving Victoria a power jam. A quick few points by both teams took the score up to 120-55.

With 24:32 to go in the game, G-Banger took a seat in the penalty box for a forearm. Chuck, Ruby, Rocky and Bebop-a-Lula forced a call off with their strong and solid defence, but Sacred retaliated by lining 4Closer up to seal the deal. 4Closer was able to grab a quick 4 points and at 22:22, the score was up to 129-72.

With 20:27 left on the clock, Colt 45 was forced to cut by Victoria’s Tiger, leaving Swish Cariboom on the track alone to take on Axel Breaker and Shock ‘n’ Auburn. Pulling away to 153-72, Victoria kept a clear box while Sacred struggled in the powerjam, losing blockers to the box.

The second half was largely characterized by strong defensive play by Victoria, who held Sacred’s jammers largely scoreless. While Colt 45 and 4Closer put pressure on the Victorian defense and often forced call offs on the first scoring pass, Victoria ran away with the score and were more than 100 points up with 10 minutes and less to go.

With just under two minutes left on the clock and Swish Cariboom and Slap Jack jamming, Victoria chose to run the period clock down to zero. Final score 225 Victoria, 113 Sacred. Victoria continues their road to the top of the consolation bracket against the winner of the upcoming Toronto versus Boston game, while Sacred goes on to play for 7th place tomorrow at 12pm.