St. Paul declares Oct 19, 2013 Minnesota Rollergirls Day

The City of St. Paul has declared October 19, 2013 to be Minnesota Rollergirls Day, celebrating the league’s tenth season that begins this Saturday.

City Council member Amy Brendmoen has been a fan of the league since winning tickets to a Minnesota Rollergirls game last year. Brendmoen authored the resolution to highlight not only the league’s ten-year anniversary, but the group’s tireless commitment to raising money for charity. According to the resolution passed this week, Minnesota Rollergirls has donated more than $73,000 to charity since it was established.

In authoring the bill, Brendmoen was joined by council member Dave Thune, who has two daughters involved with the league and a granddaughter currently in junior roller derby.

Minnesota Rollergirls announcer John Maddening says once the rest of the council heard the resolution, the group jumped at the chance to support roller derby: “The resolution outlined a lot of the awesome stuff the league does, and in the end, all seven councillors signed on to co-author the resolution.

“The council was looking for reasons to highlight downtown St. Paul and we’re happy to be included. This is a fun way to be honored for our anniversary,” Maddening said.