WFTDA Releases September Rankings – Gotham still #1, Rose skyrockets from #19 to #5

With playoff season over and Championships nearly upon us, WFTDA has released its September rankings.

At the top of the table, to the surprise of absolutely no one in roller derby, sits Gotham. Their 490.81 score puts them 92.18 points ahead of #2 Bay Area, who rose from #4 in June after an impressive performance at Salem playoffs.

Texas rises from #6 to #3 after a similarly strong showing at Richmond. However, their current standing is boosted by scores from last year’s South Central regional tournament, since the event was less than 12 months ago, and having two sets of playoff weighted games in the system give them a numerical advantage over their nearest rivals.

Rat City’s tumble from #12 to #18 is also notable. They secured a slot in next month’s Championships after coming third in Salem and took a close win against Denver just prior to the tournament; however, big losses against Rose, Gotham and an upset against London sent them down the rankings.

Montreal also takes a beating, dropping from #8 to #15 after a close win against Wasatch, an upset loss to Ohio and a playoffs loss to London.

Interestingly, Boston and Kansas City tie for #16 with the precise score of 295.44.

The biggest drop in Division 1 rankings was from Detroit; they were ranked #15 in June but come in at just #28 in the September release following their big losses to Bay Area and Rat at Salem playoffs.

The biggest rise was Rose City’s, prompting much discussion among the derby community. The Wheels of Justice are out of contention for Championships this year after a loss to London at Fort Wayne–but they nonetheless rise from #19 in June to #5 in September.

Team coach Rob Lobster says that while the rise in rankings is nice, “a number is just a number”.

“[Being #5] puts us in a good position for next year, but it doesn’t do much to take away the sting of not making it to Champs this year,” says Lobster. “You’ve got to win the games put in front of you, no matter your ranking.”

Rose City captain Penny Dreadful says the team’s previous ranking at #19 was largely the result of a disastrous showing at RollerCon 2012, where they took a 259-101 loss to Philly and a 306-77 defeat at Denver’s hands.

“We lost pretty big. We were without our three main jammers and found ourselves unprepared to play those games without them. Needless to say, that really impacted our rankings in a negative way. Once those games were off our record, the numbers were on our side. It’s also kind of ironic, but by losing our first playoffs game this year, we were poised to gain a lot of points by winning all of our subsequent games, which we did.”

Rob Lobster says, “We played a very solid regular season with only two losses to teams that ended up being high seeds at this years playoffs. Even though we lost our first and most important game at divisionals this year, we heavily over-performed our ranking heading into the tournament. With the tournament multiplier, we earned some extremely high rankings numbers at divisionals.”

Late changes to September Rankings

Post-playoffs rankings became available for view on the WFTDA website on October 7, but were swiftly taken down. When they returned to the website, both Montreal and Rat City had climbed two places. Also, Windy and Rocky appear to have switched places (Rocky was initially #9, now Windy is); Oly and Angel appear to have done the same. The reason for these changes is unknown and WFTDA had not responded to a request for comment at the time of posting; we will update this post if they get back to us.