D1C: Bay Area Blows By Windy City 230-135

D1C: Bay Area Blows By Windy City 230-135 Photo: Axle Adams

MILWAUKEE, WI – The last quarterfinal of the 2013 WFTDA Championships was a calculated, mechanical match up as WFTDA #2 Bay Area took on WFTDA #8 Windy City. While both teams demonstrated devastating defence, Bay Area’s held strong until the last whistle when they won 230-135.

The game started with Nock Nock taking on Ying O’Fire in a fast and furious jam that saw Nock Nock blitz through for two passes as belle RIGHT hooks, Amanda Jamitinya and Brawllen Angel held Windy scoreless, making it 9-0 Bay Area.

Varla Vendetta picked up lead over Bricktator in the following jam but was sent to the box on a back block. Windy got caught in a penalty spiral as both Jackie Daniels and Beth Amphetamine picked up penalties, leaving Sargentina and Hoosier Mama on the track alone. By the time Varla returned to play, Bay Area was also at full strength. A huge jam for Bricktator pushed the score out to 32-3 just four minutes into the game.

Lulu Lockjaw had trouble against Tamikaze, Jackie Daniels and Sargentina in her first turn as jammer, allowing Killa Nois to rack up a few points and bring it to 32-11 with 24 minutes left in the first half. But Nock Nock made light work of Bork Bork Bork, Moby Nipps and KonichiWOW in the following jam while Ying O’Fire struggled behind the calculating defence delivered by AJ, Demanda Riot, Razor Grrl and Murderyn Monroe.

When Varla Vendetta took the track in jam six, she was once again boxed, but a full wall comprised of Hoosier Mama, Tamikaze, Jackie Daniels and Sargentina forced Chantilly Mace to call it so Bricktator could try for a few points. Brick didn’t fare much better and could only eke out a few points, but 11 minutes into the game, the score sat at 52-11.

A run of lead calls in favour of Bay Area allowed the girls from the West to drag the score out to 63-11 but when Chantilly Mace was boxed with 15 minutes gone, Windy employed fully passive offense to pick up ten points. Jackie Daniels followed her soon after, freeing Mace Chantilly Mace was only back on the track for seconds when she was boxed for both a cut and a low block.

With the score at 63-26, Windy put Sandrine Rangeon out to take on the double-penalty effort. Moby Nipps offered Rangeon some impressive offensive assistance, sometimes pinching two blockers to the inside line. By jam’s end and with 12 minutes left in the half, Windy had brought it back to 63-46. When Nock Nock sat for a back block in the next jam, Killa Nois clocked up another two passes and the score sat at 63-56.

The tables turned in the next jam as Ying O’Fire was boxed on a track cut. Bay Area employed a mix of quick lateral hits and fully passive offense to get Bricktator through Windy’s weakened defense. Bricktator called the jam and gave the remainder of the power jam to Lulu Lockjaw. When Ying returned, she was met with the brutal defense of Demanda Riot, Amanda Jamitinya and belle RIGHT hooks. With seven minutes left in the half, Bay Area gave themselves some breathing room and brought the score out to 88-56.

Bay Area continued to stretch its lead for the remainder of the half, holding Windy to just eight further points and at half time, B.A.D held the lead 109-64. Penalties were low from both teams – Bay Area on 13 minutes and Windy on 12.

At the start of the half, the teams traded lead jammer calls, each chipping away at the score, but in the fourth jam, Ying O’Fire was held in the pack for multiple passes as Lulu Lockjaw stretched the score out to 130-68 with 25 minutes left to play.

Nock Nock was boxed for a forearm next time out, leaving Jackie Daniels to take on Dolly Rocket, Demanda Riot and Sherlock Homeslice. Windy held Bay Area on the corner as penalties racked up for Bay Area. Jackie pulled out 19 points for Windy, bringing the score to 130-87.

It was Windy’s turn for a run of lead jammer calls next and after the third lead call in a row and with the score at 130-98, Bay Area called a time out. It didn’t help, however, as Lulu Lockjaw was boxed for a cut in the following jam, giving Windy a power jam. Sandrine Rangeon followed her on a cut soon after and at the close of the jam, Bay Area held the lead 135-112 and had 12 remaining power jam seconds. Nock Nock grabbed a few more points before Rangeon was released and with 17 minutes left in the half, the score sat at 143-112.

When Varla Vendetta and Chantilly Mace took the line in the following jam, Varla was boxed, leaving Mace to take on a short pack. Bay Area’s blockers helped her with some quick lateral moves in the pack, but Windy did the work for Bay Area, losing blockers to the box. When Mace called the jam off to give Lulu Lockjaw the rest of the powerjam, Windy had a full penalty box. At the close of the powerjam, the score sat at 168-112 with just under 14 minutes left to play.

Jackie Daniels made light work of Amanda Jamitinya, Brawllen Angel and belle RIGHT hooks in the next jam, and managed to score 16 points and bring the score to 168-128 as Bricktator was stuck in the pack.

With seven minutes to play, Sandrine Rangeon was boxed on a track cut and Bricktator jumped and jived around Windy’s waning defence, and called the jam with Rangeon standing. Bay Area had really stretched their lead by this point, and the score sat at 220-128.

Windy picked up a few lead jam calls as the game came to a close, but Bay Area’s lead was unsurmountable. The final jam started with just over 30 seconds to go. Nock Nock earned lead with just a few seconds left in the period and called it as soon as the period clock reached 0. The final score was 230-135 to Bay Area, who advance to play Gotham in the semi final at 8:30pm CST.