D1C Quarterfinal: Gotham Flattens Ohio, 509-64

MILWAUKEE, WI–Despite Ohio and Gotham both being original members of the WFTDA, they had yet to play each other until today. Ohio came out guns blazing and gave Gotham everything they had, markedly improving their performance in the second half but fell deep into penalty trouble, losing three skaters to foul outs. Ohio capitalized on a few power Gotham jams and managed a handful of points on a stuck Suzy, but ultimately fell 509-64, the largest margin in Championship history.

Pippi Ripyoursockings looked like she was going to get the first lead status for Ohio in the fourth jam, but picked up a forearm penalty as she escaped the pack. Claire D. Way followed her to the box with her own forearm, which made for a short Gotham power jam, but a full two minutes on the track. Claire slid through a diminishing Ohio pack and it ended with 30 points for Gotham, and another box trip for Pippi.

Gotham didn’t rely entirely on passive defence to get Suzy through the pack in the next jam and as she started to rack up grand slams, Phoenix Bunz forced her on a track cut. Pippi took advantage of that power jam to put Ohio on the board to make it an overall four points for Ohio to Gotham’s 63.

The Smacktivist didn’t stop moving in the pack which kept the Gotham blockers on their toes, and rarely let them draw her back very far. When she finally got to the front of the pack, Hyper Lynx knocked her down just enough to slide a toe out of bounds and Smack was sent to the box with a cut. Pheonix Bunz seemed to have the pivot panty on permanently and was only seen off the track if she was sitting for a penalty–although by this point she was on her third.

Ohio started to expand their roster and put Kitty Liquorbottom and Bigg Rigg on the jam line to see what they could do. Bigg Rigg sat on Suzy Hotrod for half a lap, which excited the crowd, but neither could manage to get points. With 13 minutes left, Gotham was up by 150.

Bunz took the star against Suzy to finally get a lead jammer status for Ohio–and their first non-power jam points to make it eight total. Later she jammed against blocker Suzy, reinforced with Sweet Sherry Pie and Hyper Lynx, and Bunz pinballed off them until she finally pushed them out of play but gained no more points. Claire grabbed another four, making her total for the bout 43, and Gotham reaching 200 on the scoreboard.

By the end of the first half, The Smacktivist had gotten her third jammer penalty, and Ohio stopped putting her on the jam line, instead adding Paige Bleed to their rotation. Even with a halftime score of 304-8, Gotham still took every jam seriously, consulting with referees about calls and checking in with coaches. Ohio would need to clean up their penalties in the second half to have any chance of scoring, especially since Bunz had five on the board already.

Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker made her debut for the weekend as a jammer in the second half. Ohio began recycling to the back every time Gotham’s jammer got out of the pack, hoping the passive play would let their jammer push out of the pack and also put them in position to play defense. Bunz managed to force a track cut on Vicious Van Go Go, giving Paige time to earn a grand slam on her. Gotham’s jam ref overruled the call, though, returning VVGG to the track and allowing her to call off the jam. Paige still scored nine to Go Go’s eight, which made the score 325-17 with 26 minutes left in the half.

Ohio pulled out all the stops and threw blockers Loraine Acid and Burnadeth in with the star, but to no avail. Smack started to appear as a blocker, which proved a more effective role for her as she worked over Suzy Hotrod in the pack. Outa My Wayman helped her hold Suzy and allowed Paige Bleed to get a grand slam. Their scoring ended when Suzy finally got out of the pack and given lead status.

Bunz’s never die attitude made her strong in the pack but it a came at a price as she proved penalty-heavy, ultimately drawing her seventh with out of play contact. She tried to argue the call with Umpire Strikes Back, but became the first foul out for Ohio.

Bigg Rigg managed Ohio’s biggest scoring jam of the bout with 23 points on a boxed Suzy and small Gotham pack. That doubled Ohio’s score, bring them to 45 against Gotham’s 362 with 17 minutes left. Ohio seemed to deflate after the loss of their captain, though, and Gotham managed 82 points over the next four jams.

Claire D Way gave Ohio their last power jam and second lead call as Bratislava Bruiser worked hard against Sweet Sherry Pie and Hela Skelter for three grand slams. Ava Tarr fouled out in the following jam, aong with Amy Spears while trying to pass the star to Pippi Ripyourstockings. Outa My Wayman finished her penalty in the last jam and scored four more points for Ohio, ending it 509-64.