Weekend in Review: Jan 18-19: Atomatrix Returns in Big Arizona Win

Weekend in Review: Jan 18-19: Atomatrix Returns in Big Arizona Win As a warm-up before the Men's Roller Derby World Cup in March, Team England beat Team Wales 346-76.

The 2014 derby season is well and truly upon us, with a huge number of games played all over North America and Europe.

Atomatrix has returned to WFTDA play for 2014, making roster for WFTDA #71, the Arizona Tent City Terrors. Arizona took on WFTDA #67 Tuscon Roller Derby on Saturday and came away with the win, 364-160.

WFTDA #56 Grand Raggidy played WFTDA #105 Fort Wayne Derby Girls at home and came out on top 216-119; the Division 3 Fort Wayne were within two points of a Grand Raggidy team that saw D1 playoff action last year at half time

WFTDA #102 Rage City traveled to WFTDA #101 Assassination City, but the teams’ close rankings did not reflect the score on the night; it looks like Rage City’s 2013 travels might have given them experience beyond their ranking. The team from Anchorage, AL, took the away win over Assassination City 267-98.

In men’s derby, Team England played Team Wales in Birmingham, UK. The game, a warm up bout before the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup in March, was a clear win for England- 346-76.

And finally, in home team news – Rat City Rollergirls home team Derby Liberation Front broke fellow home team Grave Danger’s three-year winning streak by winning a nail-biting bout 229-194.

For these and all the other weekend’s scores, check out our comprehensive worldwide score and bout listings page.

Norway announced their international squad to compete in Blood and Thunder’s world cup competition this winter, and in International bouts before then. The squad primarily comprises skaters from Oslo and Nidaros, with Colorado’s Slaughterhouse, Texas Rollergirls and London Rollergirls having one representative each. You can see the full roster on their Facebook page.

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