Philly Reveals ECDX 2014 Line-up

Philly Reveals ECDX 2014 Line-up The draw, with bonus chinese food. See the full video here.

PHILADELPHIA, PA–The Philly Rollergirls have announced the WFTDA sides invited to play at this year’s East Coast Derby Extravaganza, scheduled for the weekend of June 20-22.

As in past years, the 22 teams were chosen either by pre-invitation or through a lottery (drawing here); this year, the sides selected represent leagues from seven nations on three continents. The broad international representation is deliberate; of the 12 teams invited in advance (marked with an asterisk below), seven hail from outside the United States.

Of particular note in the lottery winners are the CT Rollergirls, who you may remember from such snarky YouTube videos as ‘CTRG re-enacts the ECDX lottery’, a response to their historic poor luck in the lottery pool.

The full schedule for ECDX is yet to be announced, but individual skater registration begins on Friday, February 14. More information on the event will be available via the Philly Rollergirls site as it becomes available.

UPDATE 29/01/2013: Philly has now released the match-ups too:
#1-Gotham Girls Roller Derby will play Philly & Atlanta
#10-Atlanta Rollergirls will play Gotham & Philly
#14-Philly Roller Girls will play Gotham & Atlanta
#15-Montreal Roller Derby League will play Victorian & Terminal
#16-Boston Derby Dames will play Terminal & Victorian
#21-Victorian Roller Derby League will play Montreal & Boston
#37-Terminal City Rollergirls will play Montreal & Boston
#52-Brandywine Rollergirls will play Blue Ridge
#53-Blue Ridge Roller Girls will play Brandywine & Helsinki
#59-Burning River Roller Girls will play CT & Green Mountain
#63-Green Mountain Derby Dames will play Roc City & Burning River
#70-CT Rollergirls will play Burning River & Garden State
#73-Dutchland Derby Rollers will play Roc City
#75-Long Island Roller Rebels will play Charlotte
#76-Roc City Roller Derby will play Green Mountain & Dutchland
#87-Garden State Rollergirls will play Tiger Bay & CT
#92-Providence Roller Derby will play Tiger Bay & Crime City
#96-Charlotte Roller Girls will play Crime City & Long Island
#106-Charlottesville Derby Dames will play Helsinki & Lehigh
#116-Tiger Bay Brawlers will play Providence & Garden State
#122-Lehigh Valley Rollergirls will play Charlottesville
#124-Helsinki Roller Derby will play Blue Ridge & Charlottesville
#128-Crime City Rollers will play Charlotte & Providence

You can either watch the video below for the full list revealed as it was (mostly) drawn, you can just scroll down to the full team list below.

The ECDX Organizing Committee conducts (part of) the lottery.

Gotham Girls Roller Derby (1) *
Atlanta Rollergirls (10) *
Philly Roller Girls (14) *
Montreal Roller Derby League (15) *
Boston Derby Dames (16) *
Victorian Roller Derby League (21) *
Terminal City Rollergirls (37) *
Brandywine Rollergirls (52) *
Blue Ridge Roller Girls (53) *
Burning River Roller Girls (59)
Green Mountain Derby Dames (63)
CT Rollergirls (70)
Dutchland Derby Rollers (73)
Long Island Roller Rebels (75)
Roc City Roller Derby (76)
Garden State Rollergirls (87)
Providence Roller Derby (92)
Charlotte Roller Girls (96)
Tiger Bay Brawlers (116) *
Lehigh Valley Rollergirls (122)
Helsinki Roller Derby (124) *
Crime City Rollers?(128) *
(*pre-invited team; did not have to come through the lottery)