MRDWC Jug: Belgium Mashes Sweden, 240-126

The first of the tournament’s trophy games was contested by the winless Swedes–in this game as late tournament pull-out had given them a bye in the preceding knock-out round–and the Belgians whose only win this weekend had come over Japan on day two. The Belgians took the Jug with a comfortable 240-126 win.

The first five minutes were a wash before the Belgians built a 19-point lead off the back of a Swedish jammer penalty. The Belgians kept building that lead as they kept their jammers on the track, but high pack speeds kept their scoring down as things started to go wrong for the Swedes, who found themselves 119-46 behind at the half.

Swedish jammer JadaJada put up their biggest jam of the game near the start of the second period and cut the Belgian lead to 60, but this was a rare bright spot as JerOminous and Bull’Doc marshalled the Belgian packs around Xploit and Kruttson. Block Watson and Sweet Jackie were Sweden’s most effective blockers as the lead held around the 60-point mark as the teams traded powerjams.

Sweden’s BadgerBadger and Ol’ Nerdy Bastard did good work stopping the Belgians until Trick or Threat put up a 29-0 jam to herald the final five and make the lead 84 shortly before Nerdy fouled out.

It was fitting that the game ended jammerless–penalties for both JadaJada and Trick or Threat in the closing moments finished things off, and Belgium took the jug 240-126.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.