USA Wins Men’s World Cup, 260-71 over England

While England’s stalwart defence was enough to hold the USA to their lowest points total of the weekend, the outcome of this bout was never really in doubt as the Yanks racked up a 120-point halftime lead en route to a 260-71 victory.

The England side that took the track against the juggernaut Team USA was missing stalwart jammer Reaper, injured in the last jam of their match against France earlier today, after proving their most reliable jammer by a margin in that game. Rookie Sully, though, proved himself in this bout, impressing with frequent lead jammer calls and putting up many of England’s first-half points.

England were able to slow the USA’s scoring more than other opponents this weekend– it took the visiting side a full seven minutes to put up their first 50 points — but weren’t able to score any points of their own. That was until Balistic Whistle, to the crowd’s vocal glee, snatched England’s first lead jammer status with eight minutes gone and added three points to make it 54-3 in the USA’s favour.

A string of blocker penalties on USA let Sully bust past Brinkley and Quadzilla to grab lead jammer status over Jonathan R and added three points, making it 62-10 with 17:30 to go. The penalties swung the other way in the very next jam, though, letting Frank Notsohotra add 14-0 with the aid of a 4-2 pack advantage.

Heavy defence from Flat Track Bully and Reanimated Gif was enough to force a penalty on jammer Jurasskick Park — and he wsa joined by a string of his blockers, too. Sully took advantage of this to nearly triple England’s tally with a 19-0 run, making it 80-29 for the USA with 13 minutes to go. The USA broke the century barrier with 9 minutes left in the first half, 105-35.

Binkley had a power jam for the USA after Sully was whistled off on a low block with 4:30 on the clock — but called it off after just a single pass, sending out Jurasskick to skate the power jam. Stang played effective offense to get him past — then dropped back to goat Jerry Atric. That power jam made it 127-39 for the US and the jam ended as Sully’s penalty ended.

Frank Notsohotra made the margin a century and change the next time out before the jam expired just as England’s Rex Tangle was sent to the box with the star. Jonathan R pushed the USA’s score out to 159-39, calling it off just after Rex’s penalty expired to give the visitors a 120-point halftime lead.

A string of jammer penalties for England saw them held scoreless as the USA blasted past the double-century eight minutes into the period, 208-39. Giggity broke England’s drought with a four-point run against Jonathan R, making it 213-43 with 19 minutes to go.

From there, though the USA’s scoring was relatively slow, it was steady — it took them eight minutes to rack up barely 30 points as both teams repeatedly had to settle for 0-0 call-offs, leaving it at 234-43 with 11 left on the clock. Three minutes later, the margin was 200 points when the US made it 244-43 as Ballistic Whistle was assessed his fifth penalty of the game.

A power jam for England was abbreviated when Rolling Stone R took a hard hit and stayed down in the infield, prompting a visit from the medics before he skated back to his team bench. Before the jam was called, though, Ballistic was able to add four points to make it 253-48 with five minutes left.

Giggity had another power jam for England next time out and picked up a natural grand slam before Frank Notsohotra back blocked his way to the box; Giggity called it off after a big hit levelled him and Sully took the star for the remainder of the power jam. That left it at 258-66 going into the final minute of play.

England closed out the game with a power jam after Binkley cut the track. Ballistic Whistle struggled with heavy defence and ultimately passed the star to Dog on his scoring pass; Dog completed the pass and made it 260-71 at the final whistle. This was the USA’s lowest points total of the weekend, but more than enough to secure them the first-ever men’s world championship title.