Preview: Anarchy in the UK 2014

LONDON, UK–This is the third Anarchy in the UK since London’s debut onto the WFTDA scene in Anarchy 1 back in 2011, and the first to feature multiple sanctioned games since that most memorable of events. As with the very first one, you can watch every bout from this weekend’s event live on DNN!

The last time Rocky Mountain crossed the pond they won by a convincing 228-49. That was 2 ½ years ago, and to say a lot has changed would be comic understatement. At that point controversy was still raging as to whether London should even have been invited to Eastern Regionals that year and Rocky Mountain were still WFTDA champions.

Both teams made it to WFTDA Championships in 2013, but both were unceremoniously dumped out in the first round. London seemed overawed by the circumstances as well as overpowered by Atlanta, while an under-strength Rocky never got out of first gear in their shock loss to Angel City. For both teams, the rebuilding for 2014 began the moment those games ended–and this event is the first chance both teams have to both show their intent for 2014 and really show where they’re headed this year.

Detroit and Toronto were both one place apart in the WFTDA rankings until the most recent release when Toronto jumped a huge 16 places to 13 just as Detroit slid 4 to 34, making these two teams look further apart than, in reality, they are. FTS has them at 21 and 27, which is a more accurate reflection of their current strength. While Toronto might have overhauled fellow Canucks Montreal in the WFTDA rankings, they’ve still never passed them on FTS–but a good showing this weekend could well see them grab the ten ranking points they need over there to begin to build a strong claim about being the best team north of the border.

Rocky has a very different look to the last time they visited London. Three members of the squad who played in London back in 2011 are likely to take to the track in the UK this time around: Assaultin’ Pepa, Bob Loblaw and Uber Alice. Rocky’s latest transferee–the back-from-retirement Heather Juska–isn’t making the trip to London, but the new faces who revived the 5280 Fight Club’s fortunes last year will be in attendance.

The London team that came together that night in 2011 has been built on a little since then thanks–mostly–to transfers. There are two skaters who didn’t skate for LRG that night and are likely to feature for them this weekend who didn’t start their derby careers elsewhere–Hell Vetica Black and Kristen Lee (née Kitty DeCapitate). HellV was a product of London’s rec league, while Kitty is the returning captain who was an early member of London Rollergirls before briefly returning to Australia to play a pivotal role in the development of Victorian Roller Derby. The most notable of these transfers is ex-Minnesota star Juke Boxx who will be making her London debut this weekend. How her lone wolf tendencies are integrated into a London team often noted for its cohesion and teamwork is one of the biggest individual questions floating over this weekend.

Neither Toronto nor Detroit have seen massive changes since 2013 playoffs. While Toronto and Detroit came out of their respective playoffs sixth and fourth respectively, the Canadians were widely seen as having had the better tournament. Detroit just squeaked past a Charm City team in the opening round that came within a jam of finishing last in Salem and were then hammered by Bay Area and Rat City, while Toronto beat Boston, put in a very creditable performance against Atlanta and finally lost out to Victoria in the fifth-place game, turning many heads in the process.

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If Detroit don’t beat FTS expectations this weekend, that will almost certainly leave them at their lowest rating since 2008–three years before either Toronto or London starting WFTDA-sanctioned play.

London Rollergirls – London Brawling — WFTDA #7

0141 Sarah Oates // 10 ReLisa Kraken // 111 Lady Go-Go // 13 Stefanie Mainey // 179 jensykes // 1984 Grievous Bodily Charm // 2014 Lorrae Evans // 22 Rogue Runner // 33 Frightning Bolt // 357 Raw Heidi // 44 Ylva Arnberg // 5 Total Frey-hem // 51 Olivia Coupe // 55 Lexi Lightspeed // 7 Kristen Lee // 8008 Goregasm // 888 Shaolynn Scarlett // 9 Kamikaze Kitten // A18 Juke Boxx // KT0 Hell Vetica Black


Rocky Mountain Rollergirls – 5280 Fight Club — WFTDA #9

122 Casstrator // 1896 Tootsie Roller // 19 Megalops // 270 Gator Dunn // 30 Rad Die // 37 Bob Loblaw // 378 Toxic Taunic // 3OH3 Juska // 422 Gaygan // 555 Barbie Boop // 67 Helen Wheels // 719 Alpha Q Up // 7423 Triple Shot Misto // 75 Bijou Blacnbleu // 8 Winona Fighter // 86 Assaultin’ Pepa // 88 She Who Cannot Be Named // 9 Über Alice // M80 Sweet Mary Pain // R2D2 Phantom Menace


Toronto Roller Derby – CN Power — WFTDA #13

111 Santa Muerte // 1205 Renny Rumble // 2 Dusty // 2020 Candy Crossbones // 204 Motorhead Molly // 21 Dyna Hurtcha // 212 Lady Gag’Ya // 22 Mia Culprit // 23 Betty Bomber // 26 Mega Mouth // 27 Jubilee // 2X4 Nasher the Smasher // 31 BruiseBerry Pie // 431 Scarcasm // 747 Ames to Kill // 807 Kookie Doe // 905 Bala-Reina // 99 Panty Hoser // C3P0 Rainbow Fight // L7 Tara Part


Detroit Derby Girls – All-Stars — WFTDA #34

13 Off The Hook // 20KN Kraken Whips // 247 Boo D. Livers // 28 Racer Mcchaseher // 303 Bruisie Siouxxx // 31 Terror Ettes // 33 Cookie Rumble // 38DD Tig O’ Hitties // 4 Meryl Slaughterburgh // 40 Murder City Mistress // 428 Freakin’ Rican // 45 Feta Sleeze // 46 Fatal Femme // 620 Lazer Beam // 70L LostandFound // 8 Ghetto Barbie // 999 U.S.S. DentHerPrize // M1 Turbulence

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