London Pulverizes Toronto, 477-41

London Pulverizes Toronto, 477-41 Photo: Moneyshot, Wicked Shamrock Photography

GUILDFORD, UK–It was a festival of pink as London’s London Brawling (current WFTDA #7) took on Toronto’s CN Power (WFTDA #13); even both teams’ coaches got in on the act with both Ballistic Whistle and Wade Wheelson sporting bright pink ties.

London were favoured from the off with Toronto missing key players–Rainbow Fight was present but had been ruled out due to an injury suffered against Killamazoo earlier in the season, while Bala Reina didn’t make the trip across the pond. Those losses turned out to be crucial as none of Toronto’s jammers managed any sort of consistent success as London’s packs stopped them at almost every turn; Brawling took the win 477-41 as they moved towards potentially securing a top seeding for this year’s playoffs.

It took a star pass in the first jam to get a Toronto jammer out of the pack, and the going didn’t get any easier. A cut forced on Kookie Doe by Shaolynn Scarlett let London cruise past 60 without reply in the opening minutes. London held the rear off the line, with Juke Boxx and Stefanie Mainey taking turns tormenting a succession of Toronto jammers.

The physical punishment laid on Toronto jammers led almost directly to a succession of powerjams for the Londoners; they led 143-0 with half the first period gone. Cheers from the home crowd when Toronto jammers broke the pack kept the atmosphere up–but points were still impossible to come by until the final ten minutes of the period. Toronto’s first lead jam call was swiftly followed by London’s first jammer penalty; London’s blockers then filled the box and Kookie Doe capitalised with 10 before passing the star to Renny Rumble who put up 7 more. That left Toronto in a 185-17 hole with seven minutes to go until the break.

London’s defence returned to lockdown for the rest of the period, though, as Toronto’s jammers were brutalised by hits inside and out. London led 257-17 at the break.

A cut called on London’s Rogue Runner in the second jam of period two let Motorhead Molly in for nine more points after she escaped Juke Boxx’s clutches with a neat spin around the outside of turn four. A misconduct major on Kamikaze Kitten as she jumped for points in the fourth jam let Molly get lead and another four before London hit their stride in the second period. But hit their stride they did and another long dry spell for Toronto followed. London hit 400 as Toronto got their next two points on the board as the final ten minutes began.

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Those last ten minutes did provide cheer for Toronto though as lead jam calls and two powerjams came their way which meant that they did mange to increase their ranking-point return over the half-time score by 30 percent–but London took the win 477-41.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.