Rocky Breaks Down Detroit, 312-57

Rocky  Breaks Down Detroit, 312-57 Photo: © Moneyshot, Wicked Shamrock Photography

GUILDFORD, UK–When these teams last met it was August 2011, and Rocky came away with a 212-41 win. While much has changed in the interim a similar margin would have been expected for Rocky Mountain this time out, at least under normal circumstances, especially given the 311-22 hammering Detroit got at the hands of London the night before. Playing in the UK, and with Rocky missing the heart of their jamming corps, things looked decidedly more uncertain before the first whistles. That uncertainty took mere minutes to be swept away, though, as the 5280 Fight Club controlled the bout start to finish and took the win 312-57.

Casstrator and Feta Sleeze did battle to open things up–and while Sleeze looked to have got through for lead she was quickly adjudged to have cut the track, but didn’t get the message for over a lap. That let Casstrator put up 25 across the first two minutes. Sleeze thought she’d added four–but those were added in confusion thanks to the initial late call and Rocky’s had a 25-0 advantage.

Jam three was whistled dead due to an injury to Lazer Beam as Phantom Menace made it 28-0. After brief attention from the EMTs, Lazer returned to her bench under her own power and battle was rejoined. Racer McChasher got Detroit on the board and evenutally took them into double digits, but it was one-way traffic otherwise for the first 15. Detroit did have success when they lcoked down Rocky’s jammers at the rear off the line, but consistently left lanes clear on the outside once packs were in motion.

A succession of powerjams also handed Rocky more points with consistent offence keeping rates up, and their lead was 81-14 lead half way through the period. A consistent rotation of Casstrator, Phantom Menance Toxic Taunic and Gator Dunn continued to run up the score as Detroit mostly struggled. Detroit used their occasional calls to minimal advantage as they called them quickly to stop Rocky’s lead growing as they kept looking for a win that was beggining to look impossible.

A low block call on Taunic did give Lazer a chance to lessen the gap towards the end of the period–but Triple Shot Misto, Winona Fighter and Uber Alice completely shut her down and held her on her initial pass for the entire 30s of penalty, and when Gaygun rejoined the four held her for the remainder of two-minute jam.

Points from Off The Hook in the final jam of the period meant Detroit did pass their Friday night total in the first period–but were 167-23 down at the half.

Rocky burst out of the locker room looking to put Detroit to the sword in the second half. A 44-4 run in the first five minutes set the tone for a faster and more free-scoring second period. That initially suited Detroit who managed to rein in that all-important score ratio even as the lead continued to grow, despite not taking full advantage of the lead calls the more open game was allowing them. Inside the final ten minutes the pace started to drop out of Detroit as they struggled to keep up with Rocky’s relentless speeding of the pack, and the jammer penalties that plagued their first half crept back in.

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A Rocky Mountain powerjam for Toxic over USS DentHerPrize closed the bout out and let Rocky Mountain pass London’s total from Friday night against Detroit–Rocky finished 312-57 winners.

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