Detroit Upsets Toronto, 199-159

Detroit Upsets Toronto, 199-159 Photo: © Moneyshot, Wicked Shamrock Photography

GUILDFORD, UK–Toronto and Detroit both came into day two of Anarchy with two games ahead of them, and yet to register their first win. This was a WFTDA rankings mis-match on paper thanks to Toronto’s huge rise this month–but the 34-ranked Detroit claimed an early lead and then held off the 13-ranked Toronto to claim the upset win 199-159.

Detroit got the better of the early going with a tight rotation of Cookie Rumble and Racer McChaseHer. Bruisie Siouxxx’s fine lateral blocking at the front of the pack helped keep CN Power off the scoreboard for the first five minutes as they continued to suffer from the absences of Rainbow Fight and Bala Reina.

Motorhead Molly put up Toronto’s first points before Detroit broadened their rotation to include Off The Hook and Meryl Slaughterburgh. Those two cashed in and extended the lead as Detroit repeatedly managed to claim the jammer line first then control Toronto’s jammers from the back despite having the more distant bench.

It took a contentious cut call on Cookie Rumble to give Toronto a chance to put up more points; Dusty’s 14 points cut Detroit’s lead to 55-18 with half the period gone. Candy Crossbones then built on that momentum as Nasher the Smasher and Tara Part held Slaughterburgh. Penalties for both and star pass confusion for Detroit meant both teams picked up points that jam before more jammer musical chairs in the penalty box next time out without any significant impact on the lead. The teams both traded points from there on as the remainder of the half was much more evenly contested; Detroit led 88-48 at the half.

Toronto got the better of things in a scrappy opening to the second period before more jammer musical chairs combined with strong hitting in the Detroit pack from Boo D. Livers killed Toronto’s early momentum. Detroit’s 40-point lead was duly restored. Candy cut into the lead on the powerjam but was limited by more brutal hitting from Detoit on both her and her pack, with Boo again the main instigator, flattening those in pink at will. She saved her best hit until the next jam, though, sending Kookie Doe flying with a hit so hard it knocked the star clean off her head. That helped Feta Sleeze use her first turn of the day with the star to extend the Detroit lead to 137-92 with 15 minutes remaining.

Powerjams for both sides cancelled out as Detroit’s lead held under 50 going into the final ten. Betty Bomber and Renny Rumble combined to hold Racer on a scoring pass to let Candy through for multiple passes and claw Detroit back into reach before another cameo performance with the star from Sleeze finally let the lead hit 50.

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A backblock call on Cookie inside the final two minutes with Candy scoring meant Toronto pegged Detroit back before the final jam, but even a star pass to Dyna Hurtcha couldn’t get Toronto the points they needed; with the clock stopped at 14 seconds by a Toronto time-out, Detroit led 191-151. Molly did claim one last lead jammer call for CN Power–but she was overtaken by Racer who eventually forced the call off, and Detroit (WFTDA #34) took their first win of the weekend with a significant WFTDA upset over Toronto (WFTDA #13), 199-159.

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