Rocky Overpowers Toronto, 357-100

Rocky Overpowers Toronto, 357-100 Photo: © Paul Delooze,

GUILDFORD, UK–The final game at Anarchy might have been expected to be close just going by WFTDA rankings that had Rocky Moutain pegged at #9 and Toronto at #13–but the pattern of scores in the tournament to date meant that the odds were very heavily in Rocky Mountain’s favour. Toronto put in a performance that showed some of the strength that had earned them that ranking–but they still fell 357-100 and were consigned to last place as Rocky took second.

Motorhead Molly did make something of a mockery of those odds getting lead before turn one in jam one and giving Toronto a 1-0 lead, but they reasserted themselves swiftly. Candy Crossbones took advantage of Scarcasm, Jubilee, Dyna Hurtcha and Renny Rumble holding Casstrator and eventually frustrating her into the box to add 12 points to her team’s total; with ten minutes gone, Rocky held a 51-13 lead.

Dusty and Kookie Doe put up points in the next couple of jams too. Bruiseberry Pie and Renny did star on the penalty kill for Toronto, holding Phantom Menance one one pass for the full duration of a jammer penalty on Candy that managed to halt Rocky’s advance for a while, but it was only momentary relief. A low block on Toxic Taunic let Dyna Hurtcha–only jamming because of a star pass the previous jam after which she was boxed–add significantly to Toronto’s total.

Jubilee dominated Gator Dunn as Toronto again showed off the defensive skills that had driven them up the rankings when Dusty was boxed with Toronto’s star for out-of-play engagement–and that slowed Rocky’s scoring enough to keep the margin under 100 for a little longer. It also helped ensure Toronto’s ranking wouldn’t take as much punishment in this game as it had against London on Saturday as they advanced past their total in that game before the period was done. Bijou Blacnebleu, Assaultin’ Pepa and Megalops showed Toronto weren’t the only ones capable of effective penalty killing towards the end of the half–and that ensure Rocky’s lead had passed 100 by the half; they led 156-47 at the break.

Rocky did press on hard in the second period and pushed their lead past 150 within ten minutes as a succession of jammer penalties proved too much for Toronto’s defence to soak up. The lead passed 200 when Casstrator made it 256-54 with less than half the period gone shortly after Dyna Hurtcha fouled out. Toronto did get more points courtesy of Rocky jammer penalty trouble, but gave them away in fistfuls thanks to penalties of their own, before Renny Rumble joined Hurtcha on the sidelines with five minutes to go courtesy of her seventh penalty.

The teams continued to traade jammer penalties into the final jams. Rocky got the better of it at the death, though Toronto’s support gave the loudest cheer of the bout when their team passed the century mark on the very last pass. Rocky finished 357-100 winners, taking second place with a 2-1 record. The left Detroit third after they finished 1-2 earlier, leaving 0-3 Toronto in last place.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.