Bay Area Relieves Terminal, 357-96

LOS ANGELES, CA–On the final day of the tournament, and the first publicly ticketed day, we saw yet another new meeting for Terminal City. This game went much as might have been expected from the start, with Bay Area identifying themselves only by number, and not names, a shift in approach that perhaps mimics Gotham’s notorious ‘hive mind’ approach, sloughing off even the transition generally in roller derby towards legal names. This approach was certainly echoed in their play, as they take a solid and all-but-interchangeable approach to gameplay.

Bay Area’s contribution fielded jammers NockNock, Chantilly Mace and featured players Lulu Lockjaw and Huck Finn (who didn’t see as much game play in the previous two days). Terminal City’s familiar three, Kim Janna, Evada Peron and Schwartzemegger, resurfaced. But they couldn’t put enough of a dent in solid Bay Area walls to avoid the final score winding up at 357-96, to Bay Area.

First jam in saw NockNock out into lead, and round and through twice, and then three times before Janna managed to first emerge from the pack, taking the first jam with 25 unreplied points. Next up was Lulu Lockjaw, who was jammer engaged by Evada Peron, then used her lead to call the jam even before points go up.

Powerjams for Bay Area, saw them making the most of it, jammer stringing Terminal City into every last yard possible both back on re-entries, and forward halting their ability to make any scoring passes.

The start of the second quarter saw Suggitt takes on Bay Area jammer LuLu Lockjaw, forcing a penalty, with a hit so effective that Demanda made it her mission to take her down, visibly rattling Suggitt.

The usual star passes we have come to recognize as Terminal’s signature were frequently ineffective, one jam ending with the pivot being sent to the box as well as the jammer, so that Terminal City spent long seconds with no active jammer. Half-time took the game to 168-58, in Bay Area’s favor.

Terminal City returned with a determination to take many daring plays into the second half, with several star passes (only two of which were point scoring) featuring again, pivot line grabs, and more apex leaps and jammer engagement evident. Unfortunately it was only rewarded with a consistent lead for Bay Area, and an even more determined points addition on their part, as they climbed 168-38 in the final period.

Griffith was expelled from the game on a hefty final engagement up to the 20th yard, when she fails to disengage quickly enough from an out of play call, and was considered reckless continuing engagement.

A final jam saw Terminal take another pivot line grab, this time responded to by Belle Right Hooks, who headed Schwartzemegger into the outside so hard that she fells a ref in the process. Final score for the game 357-96, a win for Bay Area, who didn’t lose a game for the whole tournament, maintaining their highest ranking position entry.