London Calling to Top 3 in WFTDA Rankings

London Calling to Top 3 in WFTDA Rankings Detroit suffered two big losses to London earlier this year, and has since slipped to WFTDA #34. Photo: © Paul Delooze,

WFTDA has released its April rankings, which have fallen in favor of our friends across the pond, and have sent many other teams into a tailspin. While none of the games played over the last weekend at the likes of The Big O are part of the current rankings, these were the rankings that last weekend’s games were calculated with, so they will have a bearing on the rankings outcomes of the games just played.

London Rises to #3

The big news of the April rankings release is the four-place climb of London Rollergirls, who rise from WFTDA #7 to #3, sitting just above Texas (who slip one place) and Rose (who gain one place). London’s placing was bolstered by the recent Anarchy in the UK tournament, where they beat then #13 Toronto (now #23) Toronto once and then #34 (now #41) Detroit twice. The passing of time has also mean that a 17-point loss to Windy City last April has aged out of London’s calculation.

Detroit’s Swift Decline

On the other side of this equation is Detroit, who has been on a swift decline over the past year. In April 2013, Detroit sat at #16, but in the year preceding today’s rankings release, Detroit’s 5-7 record had seen them slip to #34. While the 289 and 371-point losses to London were the biggest blow, a 255-point loss to Rocky Mountain at Anarchy in the UK and a 284-point trouncing by Bay Area at playoffs last year have dragged Detroit down the rankings–they now find themselves outside of the D1 playoff places at #41.

The Big Jumps

Arizona’s Tent City Terrors are killing it out there, rising 28 places to #54. This team hasn’t lost a game since June 2013 at Midwest Brewhaha – counting the three big wins against #100 Auld Reekie, #92 Silicon Valley and the unranked Kokeshi Rollerdolls this weekend, Arizona is on a 12-game winning streak and likely have another decent jump in them next month.

Other big rankings jumps include the Boulder County Bombers up 17 to #49, Garden State up 16 to #75 and Tuscon Roller Derby, up 14 to #42.

The Big Drops

The calendar year for Cincinnati includes an impressive 17 sanctioned games, but unfortunately, the team has been unable to secure a win in the last nine, and all losses have been by more than 100 points (and sometimes up to more than 350). This rough season for Cincinnati sees them slip to #56. Elsewhere, after briefly peaking at #13, Toronto slips back 10 spaces to #23, and Gainesville and Quad City both slip 14, down to #86 and #88 respectively.

For the full list of rankings, check out our rankings page for at-a-glance reference to all the rankings, movement and new entries.