The B-Roll: D2 Highlights, May 23, 2014

Last weekend was bursting with WFTDA action and Division 2 teams were no exception, with Spring Roll in Fort Wayne, IN bringing together 22 teams from across the WFTDA and MRDA spectrum, and several other noteworthy games happening around the world.

Spring Roll

The 11 WFTDA and 11 MRDA teams represented at Spring Roll played a whopping 34 games over 3 days. Of the WFTDA teams represented, 8 are currently ranked in D2 (between 40 and 100). Jacksonville and Toronto represented WFTDA’s Division 1 and the eleventh team, Glasgow, falls just outside this parameter, currently holding the 104th position–though they are technically a D2 team, having finished 2013 just inside the top 100. The tournament should play a notable role in rank changes at the end of the month as well.

Spring Roll’s host team, Fort Wayne Derby Girls (#95), had a strong showing during their two games of the tournament, continuing their positive momentum this season. Fort Wayne (#95) had a significant upset over higher-ranked Twin City (#70), winning 219-113. This win will likely help propel Fort Wayne in next month’s rankings. Fort Wayne lost a tough battle against Glasgow (#104) 167-159.

Glasgow’s showing at Spring Roll and in recent matches has been remarkably strong, and they seem to be under-ranked right now. The Scottish team nearly beat Tri-City, who is vastly higher ranked than Glasgow, with an unexpectedly close final score of 190-175. Glasgow also beat Connecticut (#93) 276-107.

Other notable Spring Roll games were Tri-City’s (#40) uncomfortably close 176-137 win over Big Easy (#82), and Tri-City’s 161-124 loss to Chicago Outfit (#65). We can very likely expect Tri-City to fall out of their top D2 spot at the end of the month, but the Kitchener, Ontario-based team have games in upcoming months that have potential to balance out their Spring Roll showing.

Non-Spring Roll

DC (#46) had yet another strong weekend in northeastern Ohio, continuing their impending break into D1 status. They took a big win over NEO (#57) with a final score of 217-80, and an even bigger win over Burning River (#68) 278-97. Charlottesville (#94) had an unexpectedly large win over River City (#105) with a final score of 598-57. This strong game should have a positive impact on Charlottesville’s rank.

Grand Raggidy (#60) had an unanticipated close game to new WFTDA team Ann Arbor (#107), winning only 180-142. Grand Rapids has continued to fall in rank, while Ann Arbor looks to be on a forward trajectory and should move up through Division 2 in coming months. In addition, North Star (77) took an upset over Paper Valley (61) 171-120.

Coming up

This weekend, D2 will see several games that will play an important role in this season’s overall results. Chicago Outfit (#65) will play Bleeding Heartland (#53), and you’ll be able to watch that right here on DNN. The Outfit has been recovering from the loss of Queefer Sutherland to Windy City before the start of the 2014 season. Brandywine (#47) will take on Toronto (#23), which will be an important match for the highly-ranked D2 team. Brandywine fell in rank at the beginning of May, but has had a strong season and will benefit from a solid game against Toronto. Charlotte (#90) takes on Hard Knox (#115) and Quad City (#88) will play South Bend (#165), both of which have potential to impact the D2/D3 bubble.

Many WFTDA teams will be resting this weekend thanks to WFTDAcon, and for the upcoming Midwest Brewhaha, which takes place May 30 through June 1.