B Roll, July 4, 2014: The Tiniest B-Roll

B Roll, July 4, 2014: The Tiniest B-Roll St. Chux vs Demolition City. Photo (c) Jeff Higgins

Tiny Weekend Recap

With the dawn of July, all games have now been completed that will be taken into consideration for playoff qualifications and seeding determinations. There have been many predictions made regarding which teams will make the final cuts, and you can read more about some of these in an article posted earlier this week on DNN.

In the final weekend of 2014 playoff qualifying games, we did see a few games that may impact the seeding going into playoffs this fall. As Deadwards mentioned last week, Demolition City (#68) had an important game against St. Chux (#43). This was Dem City’s third and final sanctioned game of the season, and as such, the Evansville, Indiana based team really needed to bring home a big win in order to solidify their spot for D2 playoffs. Dem City put up a good fight, but ultimately lost to St. Chux with a score of 197 to 100. This, along with their earlier loss to Naptown was just enough for Dem to make D2 playoffs–but it wasn’t enough for St Chux to steal into D1 at the death.

Big Easy (#73) also had a couple of important games this weekend, taking on Gainesville (#102) and Houston (#33). Big Easy performed better than predicted in both games, beating Gainesville 396 to 10, and putting up an impressive fight against Houston, losing only 224 to 151. Both of these games should give Big Easy a decent boost, and confirmed their D2 playoff place for 2014.

D2 Bracket Projections

If every team eligible for a D2 playoff invite accepts it, this is what the two brackets will look like:

If you want to see the sheet and make your own brackets, you can get it here.

The Tiniest Weekend Preview

This coming weekend, WFTDA games are few and far between to say the least. This is due in part to America’s 238th birthday party, and can also be attributed to the conclusion of this season’s qualifying games. But! On Saturday, Jacksonville (#15) will take on Gold Coast (#52). Gold Coast hasn’t played a game since hosting Beach Brawl in early May, and they’ve had a strong 2014 season thus far. As such, this weekend’s match up could be a strong start for 2015 for Gold Coast if they fare well against Jacksonville–however, Gold Coast have lost two key skaters in Baller Shot Caller and SoulJourner to the ATL since then, so this could well turn into something of a rout.

While we won’t know the final playoff determinations for a bit, we will continue to keep you in the D2 loop in the meanwhile. Stay tuned!