The B-Roll: July 18, 2014

The B-Roll: July 18, 2014 Sac City declined their playoff invite despite placing 4th in D2 Champs last year. Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

With the release of the official 2014 playoff brackets and new rankings this week, we now have the full tournament picture as we make our way to the Hydra.  There were a few Division 2 surprises, such as both Sacramento teams declining their D2 playoff invitations, as the Oly Rollers did for Division 1.

Sac City’s Hipposquish-a-miss explained their absence this year, “Unfortunately, we are facing some untimely injuries and family obligations. We elected to decline rather than bring a short roster.” She also said that we should expect to see them ready to roll for the 2015 playoffs. We haven’t received a response from Sacred City yet, but you can read up on why the Oly Rollers are taking another year off from WFTDA tournaments.

These declined invitations created a bit of a shift in the predicted brackets, and allowed Brandywine (#63), Grand Raggidy (#64) and Suburbia (#62) to be invited to D2 playoffs. Brandywine was at the top of D2 for a good part of the beginning of this season but has fallen over the past few months, but this could make for some interesting upsets throughout playoffs. Grand Raggidy (#64) has seen a general decline in ranks over the past year and has opportunity in playoffs to change their momentum. Suburbia (#62), who was present at the inaugural D2 playoffs last year, may be a wild card during playoffs. Though seeded #9, they’ve had a winning season overall and will likely head to Duluth looking to exceed expectations after an 0-3 weekend last year.

Medium-Sized Weekend Recap

Last weekend saw a few more games than the previous weekend with some D2 significance happening. As Deadwards mentioned in her preview last week, we saw Queen City (#46) take on NEO (#70). Queen City took a huge win of 283 to 65 over NEO who fell 9 more spots in ranks this round. Charlotte (#99) took on Carolina (#85) winning 211 to 161. This loss will likely not help the already declining Carolina team who has had a tough season following their appearance at D2 playoffs in 2013. Charlottesville (#88) took on Division 3 team Hard Knox (#115) winning by about as much as expected with a 244 to 60 point spread.

Sin City (#52) took on Wasatch (#24) and had an impressively close game; Sin City lost only 176 to 151, which was significantly closer than projected. This win will help Sin City move up in rankings. North Star (#74) took on Twin City (#77) in a fairly low-scoring game. The closely ranked teams battled it out and ultimately the lower-ranked Twin City took the victory with a score of 147 to 137. Though not quite D2 yet, up and comers Ann Arbor (#102) had a massive blowout against Black N Bluegrass (#181) winning 603 to 27. If Ann Arbor continues on the upward trajectory they’ve maintained this season, we can expect to see them well into D2 in 2015.

Medium-Sized Weekend Preview

This coming weekend is still a bit sparse in the WFTDA Division 2 realm, but we will certainly be seeing a few games that are of D2 relevance. Rideau Valley (#47) will take on Green Mountain (#68). The two teams last met in 2012 and Rideau Valley took the win, so Green Mountain will likely be coming into this game looking to settle that score. Rideau Valley jumped 12 spots in rank with the new rank release and have had a solid season overall, so they will be bringing this intensity to this game. In Michigan, Killamazoo (#50) will be taking on the Lansing Derby Vixens (#125) out of Division 3. This game will likely not impact Killamazoo’s rankings.

The Chicago Outfit (#51) will take on Cincinnati (#87). Cinci fell 21 spots with the new ranking release, and have generally been on a decline this season, as mentioned in previous B-Rolls. They played each other already once this year at Spring Roll and the Outfit won by 105 points. If Cincinnati can hit them hard on the road, they may be able to make some positive headway for the rest of 2014. Suburbia (#62) will have a busy weekend, as they are headed to the lower East Coast to take on DC (#42) and Charm City (#15). DC and Suburbia met in May at the Beach Brawl and took the win with a 243 to 74 score, so Suburbia has the opportunity to even that out this weekend. Likewise, in taking on Charm, Suburbia has a chance to up their rank if they have a good showing against the Baltimore, Maryland based team.