D2 Duluth: Big Easy Resists Tucson, 204-186

D2 Duluth: Big Easy Resists Tucson, 204-186 Photo (c) Ryan Quick QuickNDerby.com

DULUTH, MN–Big Easy and Tucson are both original WFTDA member leagues, both dress black and gold, and both have at least one giant blocker in their packs. They were similarly well matched on the track tonight as, while Big Easy managed to spread the lead multiple times, Tucson kept springing back.

Big Easy came back from the half and seemed to have the game in the bag, but Tucson gave them a scare going into the final jams of the game. Ultimately, though, track cuts got the best of Tucson and Big Easy took the win, 204-186.

Big Easy ran on a one-two jammer punch of Coalminer’s Slaughter and Abeata Applebum with Beatrix Skiddo sprinkled in as relief. The first two jams started with power jams, one for each side, but Big Easy scored first and remained on top the rest of the game.

Big Easy worked methodically, point by point, to extend their lead but when Tucson’s Death Proof got a forearm penalty, it gave Abeata a 22-point jam, making the score 32-4.

Mystery Meat and Pixie Axe served as the main jammers for Tucson. Death Proof struggled a bit at the start, but her small stature made her effective later on. Pixie helped bring it within eight points in a 29-point power jam after Abeata earned a track cut.

After Big Easy worked Death Proof over enough to cut the track, Slaughter returned the favor with a 15 point jam. Both teams seemed to take a moment to recover and strengthen their defense. The pack play was equally matched, but Big Easy’s jammers were simply more successful on the track; Tucson struggled to get their jammers out at times, which forced a couple star passes. Once Big Easy stretched it to 81-43 with 11 minutes left, Tucson bounced back to within 20 points with a power jam.

Tucson started to break up Big Easy more, but they adapted as things stopped working, even going to the pivot line for a few jam starts. Rock Bottom towered over most of the pack, but was able to use her size effectively, often bringing the opposing jammers to a standstill.

Tucson’s jammer rotation just wasn’t consistent enough to grab the lead, but at the half they sat very close to Big Easy, 99-93.

That momentum was quickly lost in the second half which also started on a power jam for Big Easy. Run and Heidi got held up in the pack next as Slaughter racked up 18 points until Tucson had to pass the star to stop the bleeding. Big Easy’s transition from offense back to defense helped them continued on a 43-6 point run. Tucson managed to pick up lead a few times, but dug a deeper hole when Mystery Meat went to the box three times in a row, adding 8 and 15 more points by Beatrix Skiddo and Slaughter respectively to make it 165-109.

With 13 minutes left in the game, it seemed like Big Easy had it in the bag, but Tucson came back hard, possibly taking advantage of a tired two-jammer rotation. While Abeata was stuck in the pack, Mystery Meat managed a 28-point jam. Big Easy seemed distracted and kept getting broken up while trying to help their jammer. Death Proof put up 17 points, Meat put up another 14, and suddenly the game was much closer at 175-169 with five minutes left.

Pixie Axe got lead in the next jam and almost ran right through the pack, but Rock Bottom held her from getting the last point. Mystery Meat took the star to the box in the next jam and gave Big Easy 11 points, and despite an exciting apex jump return, Meat got 0. It almost looked like Big Easy had it again, but Tucson got another chance with a power jam, and then called a time out with 18 seconds on the clock, and a six point game.

Mystery Meat got lead right away in the final jam, but on her next pass picked up a penalty. To make matters worse, she came back and immediately picked up another cut, and her seventh penalty. Big Easy took it easy as the final seconds ticked down, but Tucson battled to the bitter end, going down 204-186.

Big Easy Jammers Jams Lead Points Tucson Jammers Jams Lead Points
Coalminer’s Slaughter (650) 22 12 100 Mystery Meat (717) 15 10 95
Abeata Applebum (93) 19 10 95 Pixie Axe (33) 14 8 62
Beatrix sKiddo (81) 5 1 9 Death Proof (37) 6 3 22
        Run And Heidi (26) 8 2 7
        Shana Banana Hammock (010) 1 0 0

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.

Big Easy

#00 Rock Bottom // #1108 Lacy Underalls // #1954 Bang Crosby // #2012 Rogue Roulette // #440 Harmaknee // #5 Diet Choke // #510 BRUTALicious // #650 Coalminer’s Slaughter (Captain) // #76 NOLA Ebola // #81 Beatrix Skiddo // #86 Killjoy // #911 Pork Chop Slamwich // #93 Abeata Applebum // #999 Muttley


#010 Shana Banana Hammock // #10 Kosma Nauti // #13 Blaxican Bomber // #24 Midnight Crasher // #26 Run and Heidi // #3 Pinky McLovin // #33 Pixie Axe (Captain) // #36 Hudson Hornet // #37 Death Proof // #4N6 Bone Eta // #717 Mystery Meat // #86 Dirty Duchess / #88 Alabama Whirley // #9 Ema Sculator