D2 Duluth: Brandywine Storms Omaha, 198-144

D2 Duluth: Brandywine Storms Omaha, 198-144 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–In the first game of the WFTDA postseason, a disjointed Omaha team fell to a Brandywine seed who held the lead through much of the game despite fielding a short side.

Brandywine got points on the board first, and Omaha brought it to a tie game about eight minutes in, but that was as close as they got the rest of the game. Despite more power jam opportunities and having a full roster to Brandywine’s 11, Omaha’s defense couldn’t quite hold on and Brandywine took the first win of the weekend, 198-144.

Omaha came to the tournament without Daisy Mayhem and a few other regular blockers, but utilized Eblastagirl in the pack instead of with the star, as well as former referee, Crash Heartless.

Their jammer rotation included No Coast transfer, Flash Gloria, along with Ima Firestarter, Skateaway Faye, and a few jams by Holmes Sweet Holmes. Firestarter had an unusually hard time in the pack, despite normally being a high scorer on the team, while Faye and Holmes required a bit more offense to be effective than they might be used to.

Despite only skating 11, Brandywine’s defense looked very strong, looking to run back the jammer as much as they could– which let them open play with a grand slam over Firestarter. A big hit by Crash Bansheekoot knocked Faye to the floor in the next jam, which made her call it at three points. This strong pack play, plus their noticeable enthusiasm before the game, made it evident that Brandywine was ready to go this morning.

Omaha seemed to favor Flash Gloria with the star and when they got their first power jam, they had Faye call it off immediately to put her in. 13 points by her, and four more by Firestarter, tied up the game at 21-all–but those were the only points Firestarter scored for the rest of the first half.

Brandywine kept to a strict rotation of Skinnny Guinea, Not-Knotty, and Bueno D. A$$. Omaha’s blockers seemed to be almost fighting each other rather than working as a unit for much of the first period, and Bueno and Skinny took advantage of these missteps with 20 and 25 points respectively to push the Brandywine lead to 66-25 with about 17 minutes left.

For about 8 jams Omaha held Brandywine to only two points while they found their blocking groove, and their jammers picked away at the lead. Flash Gloria consistently got lead and four points, and then added 14 more when Knotty went to the box with a low block. This put them only down by 13 points, with under ten minutes left in the half, at 68-55.

Omaha started to get distracted and got caught up playing offense while Brandywine’s jammers snuck through a few times untouched to start pushing their lead again. Although penalties started to take a toll, both teams traded lead jam calls and points until the half, 86-69 Brandywine.

Brandywine kicked off the second half with an 8-point power jam and held Omaha scoreless for the next four jams. While Brandywine’s blockers stayed close, Omaha went more for big hits which left gaps for Skinny and Buenos.

D’Naille Inya Coffin and Axl Rogue helped in Brandywine’s run by holding Skinny while Flash added 9 to their total with 23 minutes left in the game. She remained the only scorer for them, until Firestarter got 10 in a pair of a power jams for Omaha.

Penalties started having more of an effect as Sharon Misery was the first to foul out for Omaha, but they got another power jam with Skinny in the box. Faye required a little help getting through, but Brandywine’s short bench started to look a little run down.

A few jams later, Skinny took a hard fall and started favoring the leg with a knee brace on it; she nonetheless had to complete a nearly full two-minute jam when Flash took lead jammer status to the box. Skinny sat out the rest of the game which left the jamming to just Knotty and Buenos with a few jams by Crash Bansheekoot.

Benches got a bit shorter with Holmes fouling out for Omaha, and by the end of the game, Ballerinka and Anya Alnight’s foulouts left Brandywine with 9 skaters. This didn’t phase them as they continued to pick up lead jammer and scored in 10 of the remaining 13 jams. Omaha got a couple of multipass jams but just couldn’t close the point gap; Brandywine finished 198-144 winners.

Omaha came in at the same seed and ranking as last year, and again fell to the 10th seed in the first game of the weekend. Brandywine put on a strong performance and showed that they are a well-rounded team, but their short roster will have to pull themselves back together to take on #2 seed Detroit later tonight at 6pm local.

Omaha Jammer Jams Lead Points Brandywine Jammer Jams Lead Points
Flash Gloria (32) 18 13 86 Skinny Guinea (9) 18 8 98
Skateaway Faye (G30) 12 5 33 Buenos D. A$$ (138) 17 11 55
Ima Firestarter (53) 19 5 18 Not-Knotty (273) 16 8 43
Holmes Sweet Holmes (3) 3 2 7 Crash Bansheekoot (121) 2 1 2

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.

Treasure Valley

#101 Rapid ArrhythMIA (Captain) // #121 Crash Bansheekoot // #138 Buenos D. A$$ // #23 Thresher // #247 Anya Alnight // #273 Not-Knotty // #6 Dirty Rox-Tini // #728 Ballerinka // #757 Cutthroat KC // #789 DeckHerH8er // #9 Skinny Guinea


#0602 Bohemian Bruisin BombshElle // #101 Sharon Misery // #215 Bella Cose // #3 Holmes Sweet Holmes // #32 Flash Gloria // #38 Crash Heartless // #42 Axl Rogue (Captain) // #4Q Matadora // #53 Ima Firestarter // #6FT D’Naille Inya Coffin // #750 Southern Discomfort // #964 Eblastagirl // #G30 Skateaway Faye // #MK80 Molly Massacre