D2 Duluth: Treasure Valley Unearths Suburbia, 129-109

D2 Duluth: Treasure Valley Unearths Suburbia, 129-109 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–Game two of the Duluth Division 2 playoff was contested by two teams who debuted at D2 playoffs last year: Idaho’s Treasure Valley and New York’s Suburbia. Treasure Valley again came into playoffs under-ranked–but this year it was mostly because of playing teams in the upper echelons of D1 and taking heavy losses, rather than only getting match-ups with teams further down. Suburbia looked for a while like they might manage to eke out an upset and even held a half-time lead–but Treasure Valley took the win 129-109.

After even opening encounters Suburbia blew things open with two powerjams in the first quarter — but Treasure Valley managed to erase that lead at the fifteen-minute mark.

Once they had the lead, Treasure Valley looked to show why they were the favourites going into this game with Dawn of the Shred and Udaho giving them something of a margin. But Charlotte Bupowski led with the star for the Suburban Brawl in the final jam of the half as Udaho was trapped for ten seconds short of the full two minutes–and Suburbia gave themselves a 65-48 lead to take into the locker room.

Bupowski looked to continue her dominance into the second half–but it was Treasure Valley’s Udaho and Ella Snofury who stepped up and began to really star. Treasure Valley managed to eke out a double-digit lead and hold off multiple Suburban Brawl charges.

Veloce Villain ran into penalty troubles with the star for Suburbia, filling in the occasional third spot in their rotation while Treasure Valley’s lead hovered under 20 until the very final seconds. Dawn of the Shred nervelessly closed it out, putting up the game’s final points just as the period clock expired to take the win 129-109.

Treasure Valley progress to a quarterfinal against St Chux at 8pm local time; Suburbia lose their first playoff game for the second year in a row and will be up first thing tomorrow morning.

Treasure Valley

#1697 Ella Snofury // #1959 Demolition Barbie // #208 Udaho // #25 Stryker Dead // #34G Boobie Houser, M.D. // #462 Dawn of the Shred // #5 Raggedy Ann-ihilation // #514 Smack Skellington // #567 Gawd Dame Savage // #66 Aralia Spine // #808 KeKe Khaos // #8338 Ana Highway To Hell // #951 Sinister Kate (Captain)


#18 Dina Sore Jr. // #19 Angry Penguin // #23 Berry Boom Boom // #325 Rogue Pierog // #333 Nail Diamond // #382 Charlotte Bupowski // #5 AldanaMite // #50 Lauren Forcer // #555 Aya Yai // #66 Little Loca (Captain) // #78 Brawl Stanley // #84 Veloce Villain // #89 TNTeeny // #U92 Party Girl Accelerator

Treasure Valley Jammers Jams Lead Score Suburbia Jammers Jams Lead Score
Demolition Barbie (1959) 9 5 42 Lauren Forcer (50) 16 9 52
Udaho (208) 13 5 38 Charlotte Bupowski (382) 16 8 47
Dawn of the Shred (462) 12 6 27 Veloce Villain (84) 7 1 10
Ella Snofury (1697) 10 5 22 Nail Diamond (333) 2 1 0
        Dina Sore Jr. (18) 1 1 0

Lex Talionis

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