D2 Duluth: Brewcity Beaches Omaha, 148-140

D2 Duluth: Brewcity Beaches Omaha, 148-140 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–In the five times that Brewcity and Omaha have played each other since 2010, the Bruisers have always come out on top. Until today, the closest game was last May by 34 points. In the opening game on day two of playoffs, it looked like Brewcity was going to easily take the win again as they systematically worked up a 46-point lead by the half.

Omaha wasn’t going to go down so easily but after four lead changes, Brewcity secured their 6th win over Omaha in the final jam, 148-140.

This was a fast and loose game with a lot of fast packs and big hitters. Brewcity kept control of the game with 19 of 26 lead jammer calls in the first half. Omaha tried to mix up a few jam starts by starting closer to the pivot line but wasn’t effective against the quick jamming of Skittle or Zotay.

With eight minutes left in the first half, Flash Gloria remained the most successful jammer for Omaha with 26 of their 36 points. They gave up three power jams, including two for Ima Firestarter when she left the box too soon, which provided 34 of the 46 points by which Brew led at the half.

Omaha cleaned up their game after two skaters fouled out yesterday, but their disjointed packs were making their defense break up too easily. Despite having control of the lead and the speed, Brewcity wasn’t collecting too many points.

Flash Gloria started off the second half with four points, but with Skittle having 86% lead jammer status, Flash was designated a blocker the rest of the game. It proved effective after she forced a cut on Sharkira, which started a series of power jams for Omaha. After 44 power jam points, Omaha tied it up at 106 with 14 minutes left in the half.

With Sharkira at five penalties and Strykher at four penalties, Brewcity put their small and mighty blocker Latina Heat in to jam. Her nine points put the Bruisers back in the lead and defense on both sides started to tighten up as they neared the 10 minute mark.

Another Omaha power jam put them back up by one, but Latina again erased that lead, and with a power jam for Skittle, they pulled ahead by 26 points. With one more power jam for Omaha and 18 points by Firestarter, Omaha called a time out at four seconds on the clock, and an eight point game. The geared up for one last jam, but it ended very anticlimactically when Zotay earned lead, and ended the game.

Despite Brewcity having nearly twice the penalties that Omaha had, they maintained more control of the pack. They play Treasure Valley tonight at 6pm and Omaha plays for 9th place tomorrow at 10am.

Brewcity Jammers Jams Lead Score Omaha Jammers Jams Lead Score
Skittle (5) 13 9 42 Ima Firestarter (53) 18 8 44
Sharkira (23) 11 5 40 Holmes Sweet Holmes (3) 8 3 37
Zotay (716) 14 9 39 Flash Gloria (32) 10 5 31
Latina Heat (22) 3 2 15 Skateaway Faye (G30) 11 3 28
Strykher (14) 4 2 9        

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#14 Strykher // #216 Frank Hurt’r // #22 Latina Heat // #23 Sharkira // #240 T-LO (Captain) // #350 The Other White Meat // #44 Freight Train // #5 Skittle // #54 Irish Vixen // #56 Frau KaPow // #716 Zotay // #724 Puss N Boots // #8 Carabunga // #99 Becky The Butcher


#0602 Bohemian Bruisin BombshElle // #101 Sharon Misery // #215 Bella Cose // #3 Holmes Sweet Holmes // #32 Flash Gloria // #38 Crash Heartless // #42 Axl Rogue (Captain) // #4Q Matadora // #53 Ima Firestarter // #6FT D’Naille Inya Coffin // #750 Southern Discomfort // #964 Eblastagirl // #G30 Skateaway Faye // #MK80 Molly Massacre