D2 Duluth: Detroit Motors Past Brandywine, 336-82

D2 Duluth: Detroit Motors Past Brandywine, 336-82 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–Detroit’s cohesive strategies and experienced jammer bench gave them a marked advantage over the freshman Brandywine team. The Belligerents struggled to get points without a power jam advantage and were worn down in the first half. While Brandywine’s short roster works against them in a tournament setting and likely accounts for some of the margin, Detroit’s gameplay is above what’s been on show thus far in Duluth, suggesting that they may well be underranked. Heavy penalties plagued all but one of Brandywine’s skaters, and Detroit’s confident game carried them to a convincing 336-82 win.

The strong defense Brandywine displayed in their first game against Omaha was absent this time around as the Belligerents’ walls folded under pressure and skaters grew more distracted. Skinny Guinea rejoined the jammer rotation, but word of a lingering injury explained her knee brace and noticeable pain after hard falls.

Detroit started out jamming Feta Sleaze, Cookie Rumble and Racer McChaseHer, but rotated Lazer Beam and Meryl Slaughterburgh in more as the game went on.

A couple of early power jams put Detroit out in front with a quick 47-7 lead. When Brandywine got their own power jam, Buenos D. A$$ scored 14, but Racer McChaseHer returned to the track to score the same. After that, Racer focused more on blocking and helped reinforce the strong Detroit walls.

When Brandywine could get lead jammer, they were able to grab a few points–but not near enough to do any damage to Detroit’s growing lead. Their blockers seemed flustered as they went for bigger hits and weren’t able to do as many run backs as they did this morning.

The game continued this way with small victories for Brandywine–but Detroit overwhelmingly had control of the game.

Brandywine endured to the final whistle, ending with a 336-82 loss; they move on to the consolation bracket tomorrow at 8PM to fight for the right to play for 5th on Sunday. Detroit advances to take on Big Easy tomorrow at 4PM.

Detroit Jammers Jams Lead Points Brandywine Jammers Jams Lead Points
Meryl Slaughterburgh (4) 9 5 70 Buenos D. A$$ (138) 14 7 36
Feta Sleeze (45) 8 5 66 Skinny Guinea (9) 14 4 21
Lazer Beam (620) 7 7 65 Not-Knotty (273) 12 2 20
Cookie Rumble (33) 10 7 65 Crash Bansheekoot (121) 0 0 3
Racer McChaseHer (28) 7 5 56 Dirty Rox-Tini (6) 0 0 2

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#247 Boo D. Livers // #28 Racer Mcchaseher // #303 Bruisie Siouxxx // #33 Cookie Rumble // #38DD Tig O’Hitties // #4 Meryl Slaughterburgh // #40 Murder City Mistress // #428 Freakin’ Rican // #45 Feta Sleeze // #46 Fatal Femme (Captain) // #620 Lazer Beam // #66 Perish-Her // #73 Alassin Sane // #8 Ghetto Barbie


#101 Rapid ArrhythMIA (Captain) // #121 Crash Bansheekoot // #138 Buenos D. A$$ // #23 Thresher // #247 Anya Alnight // #273 Not-Knotty // #6 Dirty Rox-Tini // #728 Ballerinka // #757 Cutthroat KC // #789 DeckHerH8er // #9 Skinny Guinea