D2 Duluth: Sin City Shucks St Chux, 174-141

D2 Duluth: Sin City Shucks St Chux, 174-141 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–An aggressive and strategic game start to finish, #1 seed St. Chux and #5 seed Sin City came together in one of the best games of the weekend so far. St. Chux relied more on strong defense, while Sin City’s powerful jammers came through at the end to control the game. Penalties were St. Chux’ undoing as they got knocked out of the championship game by 33 points, 174-141.

In the first jam, there was a full clockwise lap, a power jam and a star pass. A few jams later, Mollytov left the track with a bloody nose after another star pass attempt, which allowed Vixen Ta Getcha to get 10 points. After a series of three power jams for St. Chux, they got on top with the game’s first lead change, 43-31.

St. Chux’s strong walls and well-practiced run-back strategy held Sin City scoreless for the next six jams, pushing their lead to 87-31. Whip L’ash can quite possibly hit out and run back in her sleep and Sin City kept falling in this “Danger Zone” again and again. They did utilize a few more star passes to stop the bleeding and finally got their own power jam with under ten minutes left in the period.

As St. Chux’ blockers began suffering from penalties, Sin City started to pick away at their lead. When SCDC did have a full pack, they only helped their jammers when the other got out. They utilized their four jammer rotation purely for jamming, and the rest as purely blockers, except Sleazy E who sat until used as jammer relief.

As mentioned in the weekend preview, Sin City worked hard over the last year to have a more well-rounded team and it showed as they used much more of their entire line up. Bust’N Ace was a powerhouse jammer this game while only blocking in their game yesterday. Strong defense and offense from their pack helped bring it to an eight point game by the half.

Sin City had in the meantime suffered yet more penalties, as Anti Hero sat at six already. Destructive St. Chux blocker Stabby McCutcha had four for herself, and visited the medics at the half to get her wrist wrapped up.

Penalties picked up for St. Chux in the second half and a 14-point power jam put Sin City back in the lead. Geneva Conviction earned her team another power jam when she threw one of her blockers at GI Jaime by the shirt, and forced a cut on her. St. Chux didn’t let it get too out of control as they held Mollytov to a near stop and only four points.

Sin City stayed in high spirits as they continued to push their lead as high as 20 points, and St. Chux began getting frustrated. Their jammers struggled a bit more without help from their blockers who were still making trips to the box. They started to tighten things up and get more lead jammer calls, and caused another lead change with six minutes left in the game.

Things started to unravel for St. Chux though after Whip L’ash and Stabby McCutcha fouled out of the game. They are two very strong leaders in the pack, and Sin City’s jammers picked up the last six lead calls which put them back in control of the game. St. Chux remained scoreless in that time and Sin City secured the championship game for themselves, 174-141. St. Chux will play for 3rd place tomorrow at 4pm.

St Chux Jammers James Lead Points Sin City Jammers James Lead Points
Flash (124Q) 11 4 41 Geneva Conviction (49) 8 3 51
Jedi Knight-n-Gale (4CE) 15 6 40 Bust’N Ace (777) 10 8 49
Vixen Ta Getcha (2) 5 2 27 Dixie Dash (521) 9 6 34
GI Jaime (m80) 11 4 19 DissLoKate (311) 12 6 24
Sleazy E (3) 4 2 14 MollyTov (475) 4 1 7

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.

St. Chux

#1 Ninja Sassem // #124Q Flash // #13 Zo D. Axe // #19 Bobbi Slamher // #1979 Lisa Frank-N-Stein // #2 Vixen Ta Getcha // #211 Stabby McCutcha // #22 Tara Eyes // #3 Sleazy E // #48 Jane Error // #480 Pixie Dust-ruction // #4CE Jedi Knight-n-Gale // #AK47 Whip L’Ash (Captain) // #m80 GI Jaime

Sin City

#09 Domme Juan // #25 Anti Hero // #311 DissLoKate // #362 Dairy Heir (Captain) // #435 Sticky Fingers // #475 Molly Tov // #49 Geneva Conviction // #521 Dixie Dash // #762 Warren Peace // #777 Bust’N Ace // #88 Shabamm // #923 Gypsy Whips // #999 Despicable Mia // #m60 21 Guns