D2 Duluth: St Chux Buries Treasure Valley, 229-149

D2 Duluth: St Chux Buries Treasure Valley, 229-149 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–St Chux have burst out of St Charles, MO, over the past 12 months, turning heads with their hard-hitting play and laying down ranking upsets across the Midwest. They came into Duluth as the tournament top seed after threatening to break into Division 1 playoffs. Treasure Valley earlier got past Suburbia having come in under-ranked for a second season in a row after a gruelling 2014 schedule–but are much more of a known quantity this year after taking lots of people by surprise in 2013.

Treasure Valley got an early lead on a power jam but looked to have lost their grip on things as that lead slipped rapidly–but they very rapidly got their heads back in the game and retook the lead with a run of lead calls and natural grand slams as their dynamic walls handily dealt with St Chux’ entire rotation. The lead changed repeatedly across the first 15 minutes–but that was the point when St Chux figured out their opponents, the floor and the situation and started to show the class that had earned them top seeding. They ultimately sailed to a 229-149 victory.

Zo D Axe and Whip L’Ash starred on defence for St Chux, brutalising Treasure Valley’s jamming corps and forcing multiple penalties. That let Jedi Knight-n-Gale and Vixen Ta Getcha in for multiple passes as Treasure Valley’s defense was hit by penalties and the need to throw in offensive support. St Chux held a relatively narrow 103-74 lead at the half–but were starting to look much more secure as the half came to a close.

St Chux powered on for the first few minutes of the half before jammer musical chairs combined with Demolition Barbie’s speed and guile. That made it look briefly like the Idaho team might be able to stop the march of St Chux–but it was only briefly. St Chux laid down offense where it was needed as their blockers won their one-on-one match-ups across the track. Treasure Valley’s penalty problems started to cause them issues in the final quarter; going into the final ten they had five of their 13 skaters sitting on 6 and having to skate within themselves to stay on the track.

Ana Highway To Hell was the first of that group to foul out inside the final five minutes–before Sinister Kate and Aralia Spine followed in the same jam. That ensured that the final minutes were all one-way traffic–and St Chux took the win 229-149.

St Chux progress to a semifinal match-up with Sin City at 2pm; Treasure Valley fall into the consolation bracket with their next bout at 6pm tomorrow.

St Chux Jammers Jams Lead Points Treasure Valley Jammers Jams Lead Points
Jedi Knight-n-Gale (4CE) 10 7 74 Demolition Barbie (1959) 11 5 66
Vixen Ta Getcha (2) 8 4 65 Dawn of the Shred (462) 12 7 44
Flash (124Q) 8 3 40 Ella Snofury (1697) 9 4 21
GI Jaime (m80) 10 3 32 Udaho (208) 5 2 18
Sleazy E (3) 3 2 18        

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.

Treasure Valley

#1697 Ella Snofury // #1959 Demolition Barbie // #208 Udaho // #25 Stryker Dead // #34G Boobie Houser, M.D. // #462 Dawn of the Shred // #5 Raggedy Ann-ihilation // #514 Smack Skellington // #567 Gawd Dame Savage // #66 Aralia Spine // #808 KeKe Khaos // #8338 Ana Highway To Hell // #951 Sinister Kate (Captain)

St Chux

#1 Ninja Sassem //#10k Blue Collar Brawler // #124Q Flash // #13 Zo D. Axe // #19 Bobbi Slamher // #1979 Lisa Frank-N-Stein // #2 Vixen Ta Getcha // #211 Stabby McCutcha // #22 Tara Eyes // #3 Sleazy E // #48 Jane Error // #480 Pixie Dust-ruction // #4CE Jedi Knight-n-Gale // #5 Slaughter Haus // #6AM Nikki Trixx // #A3RO Peg E. Sass // #AK47 Whip L’Ash (Captain) // #m80 GI Jaime

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