D2 Duluth: Suburbia Explodes Tucson, 206-159

D2 Duluth: Suburbia Explodes Tucson, 206-159 Photo (c) Ryan Quick QuickNDerby.com

DULUTH, MN–Both Suburbia and Tucson lost narrowly on the opening day and faced off at noon looking to avoid the ignominy of fighting for the early start on Sunday.

Suburbia took some time to get into their stride against Tucson. While they got on the board in the first jam, the next few were characterised by sloppy mistakes and a lack of attention.

However, the real swing came in the final quarter when Tucson collectively lost their heads for a disastrous ten minute period after 15 minutes of smart frustrating work from Suburbia.

What was a close game turned into something of a rout as Suburbia put up 70 points without reply. A strong final jam for Tucson with Suburbia already secure in their win put a more positive gloss on the score–Suburbia ended up comfortable 206-159 winners.

Tucson jammers got through untouched against full packs, Suburbia jammers got blindsided by hits and Tucson raced to a 37-4 lead.

Veloce Villain’s energy during her first turn with the star woke the rest of her team up and the lead almost vanished in the space of three jams, courtesy of her and Lauren Forcer.

Veloce–who had looked like the weak link in their rotation yesterday–continued in markedly better form and took much more time with the star as a result. It was apt that it was Veloce who tied things up as the first quarter ended.

Once Suburbia had the lead, it took a period of concerted jammer indiscipline to see them surrender it. A time-out called by Suburbia’s stand-in coach Betsie Wrecksie with the game tied at 69-all and only a handful of jams left in the first period looked to restore order–but it didn’t have the desired effect. Pixie Axe put up 10 in a jam where she was sent off twice–though her second penalty was rescinded during an OTO.

Mystery Meat built on that lead before Pixie ensured Tucson had their biggest lead since the opening exchanges to take into the locker room, leading 85-74.

The first ten minutes of the second period saw Tucson maintain a degree of control; their blocking was solid, but Suburbia managed to dictate the pace of the game and stopped that control turning into a greater point advantage.

Suburbia kept Tucson within ten points or so as the game became increasingly physical. High blocks on jammers looked to be a particular issue for Tucson as they just lost control.

As Tucson got more physical they lost the walls that had been keeping them ahead, and they surrendered the lead heading into the final quarter.

A numerical pack advantage for Suburbia suddenly became the order of the day and they burst into a 30-point lead. Tucson’s problem was typified by a blocker taunting a Suburbia jammer who had been high blocked, and Mystery Meat being expelled with the star for an egregious hit after the whistles. As the chaos exploded, Suburbia’s lead doubled and then some, and the bout was suddenly out of Tucson’s reach.

Tucson did find their heads for the final few minutes–but the game was gone. Suburbia took it 206-159, and stay in the hunt for fifth.

Tucson will face Omaha in a fight to avoid the wooden spoon at 10am on Sunday.

Tucson Jammers Jams Lead Points Suburbia Jammers Jams Lead Points
Pixie Axe (33) 15 10 87 Veloce Villain (84) 15 9 88
Death Proof (37) 12 5 31 Lauren Forcer (50) 16 7 84
Mystery Meat (717) 12 6 30 Charlotte Bupowski (382) 12 3 19
Run And Heidi (26) 5 2 11 Dina Sore Jr. (18) 1 1 10
        TNTeeny (89) 1 1 5

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#18 Dina Sore Jr. // #19 Angry Penguin // #23 Berry Boom Boom // #325 Rogue Pierog // #333 Nail Diamond // #382 Charlotte Bupowski // #5 AldanaMite // #50 Lauren Forcer // #555 Aya Yai // #66 Little Loca (Captain) // #78 Brawl Stanley // #84 Veloce Villain // #89 TNTeeny // #U92 Party Girl Accelerator


#010 Shana Banana Hammock // #10 Kosma Nauti // #13 Blaxican Bomber // #24 Midnight Crasher // #26 Run and Heidi // #3 Pinky McLovin // #33 Pixie Axe (Captain) // #36 Hudson Hornet // #37 Death Proof // #4N6 Bone Eta // #717 Mystery Meat // #86 Dirty Duchess / #88 Alabama Whirley // #9 Ema Sculator

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