D2 Duluth: Treasure Valley Gilds Brewcity, 187-92

D2 Duluth: Treasure Valley Gilds Brewcity, 187-92 Photo (c) Ryan Quick. QuickNDerby.com

DULUTH, MN–Treasure Valley controlled Brewcity through the entire bout but didn’t beat them by as much as last year’s playoff game. While Brewcity struggled to settle into a solid jamming rotation, Treasure Valley could have benefited from playing a little more offense–especially with another game this weekend and jammers’ legs to think of–but they still ended up on top, 187-92.

The bout started off with a 1-1 jam, but it was quickly blown out off the water when Demolition Barbie posted a 34-point jam while Strykher sat in the box on a track cut. Treasure Valley dominated lead jammer status for the first 15 minutes and held a big lead, 68-3.

Treasure Valley continued their tough defense and quick run backs, but started to get caught up in Brewcity’s offense. Big hits from the Bruisers started to get to them, and some heated looks and at least one shouted expletive came from the track. Treasure Valley got sucked into their game and started laying some big hits of their own.

Brewcity tried to mix up their jamming rotation by including Latina Heat and T-Lo, which did help them get lead status, but they couldn’t get enough points on the board. There weren’t any more big jams by Treasure Valley, but they worked their lead up by the half, 98-40.

Treasure Valley’s rotation stayed pretty much the same, as Demolition Barbie, Udaho, Ella Snofury and Dawn of the Shred all saw 12 jams in the star by the game’s end. Barbie was the most successful at 68, followed by Udaho. This was Ella’s best bout so far this weekend, but Shred seemed to struggle a bit more with the Brewcity walls. None of the Treasure Valley jammers had a particularly easy day of it, having to fight for every point and lead call, with the scoreline reflecting the consistency with which they were winning those battles a little bit faster than Brewcity’s jammers rather than dominance on the track.

The score continued this way and while Brewcity suffered some jammer penalties, their blockers kept the score from getting to outrageous. Treasure Valley eventually secured the win, 187-92. Treasure Valley plays for 5th place tomorrow at 2pm, while Brewcity tries for 7th at noon.

Brewcity Jammers Jams Lead Points Treasure Valley Jammers Jams Lead Points
Frank Hurt’r (216) 11 4 24 Demolition Barbie (1959) 12 7 68
Skittle (5) 9 3 20 Udaho (208) 12 8 52
T-LO (240) 7 4 20 Ella Snofury (1697) 12 9 43
Strykher (14) 9 6 15 Dawn of the Shred (462) 12 4 24
Zotay (716) 6 1 7 KeKe Khaos (808) 1 0 0

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#1 Grace Killy // #14 Strykher // #216 Frank Hurt’r // #22 Latina Heat // #23 Sharkira // #240 T-LO (Captain) // #350 The Other White Meat // #44 Freight Train // #5 Skittle // #54 Irish Vixen // #716 Zotay // #724 Puss N Boots // #8 Carabunga // #99 Becky The Butcher

Treasure Valley

#1697 Ella Snofury // #1959 Demolition Barbie // #208 Udaho // #2517 Mia Wallups // #34G Boobie Houser, M.D. // #462 Dawn of the Shred // #5 Raggedy Ann-ihilation // #514 Smack Skellington // #567 Gawd Dame Savage // #630 Scarlet Danger // #66 Aralia Spine // #808 KeKe Khaos // #8338 Ana Highway To Hell // #951 Sinister Kate (Captain)