D2 Duluth: Suburbia Pickets Brandywine, 266-152

D2 Duluth: Suburbia Pickets Brandywine, 266-152 Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

DULUTH, MN–Suburbia and Brandywine are less than 100 miles apart and seemingly closely matched in skill, but had never met on the track before today. A close bout was expected and delivered in the first half–but Suburbia turned an 82-79 half-time lead into a 265-152 final and will fight Treasure Valley for fifth tomorrow.

Skinny Guinea started the bout off on the right foot for Brandywine with a quick lead call–but was then on the wrong end of a cut and a backblock call in the first jam, and what should have been a promising start turned into a 20-3 deficit. A third trip for her in the first ten minutes deepened the hole Brandywine found themselves in–but DeckHerH8er did some great work on Suburbia’s Charlotte Bupowski to limit that damage and let Guinea come back to undo all the damage and practically tie the game up.

But that was the only particularly bright spot in the first quarter for Brandywine as Suburbia push into a 30-point lead. Brandywine upped the physicality and started to disrupt Suburbia’s rhythm and walls as Bupowski struggled a little with the star. They reeled the Suburban brawl in and cut the lead down to single digits in the final minutes of the half, a great chance to grab the lead just before the period ended. But Berry Boom Boom saved the day on a penalty to Bupowski, locking down Buenos D. A$$ and throwing in at least one perfect last-ditch saving hit and stopping Buenos from completing her initial pass until Bupowski returned to secure the lead.

Rogue Pierog, a constant threat in the Suburbia pack, floored Guinea with the hit of the period at the very end–and Suburbia had a 82-79 lead to take into half-time break.

Suburbia wasted no time whatsoever opening their lead up again in the second half. It was a one-two-three punch from Bupowski, Lauren Forcer and Veloce Villain, and Suburbia’s lead was suddenly 40 points after a run of power jams to open the second period in the manner of the first.

DeckHerH8er fouled out with 22 minutes left in the bout to take Brandywine down to 10 skaters and their powerjam woes continued. Villain smartly let a jam run with a 4:2 pack advantage and piled on the points–and that made the lead 50 after ten minutes of the second period. A jam whistled dead when Skinny Guinea faceplanted into the concrete didn’t help Brandywine’s numerical woes even though she left the track swiftly under her own power, waving off the officials’ attention. Rapid ArrhythMIA fouled out in the next jam and Forcer threw down more points to push the lead towards 70 despite picking up a cut.

Pierog fouled out for Suburbia as Guinea gave up another double powerjam, this time to Veloce Villain–and with 13 minute left to play Suburbia led 187-101. Things did not get any better from there–Suburbia finished 265-152 winners.

Suburbia–who placed 10th in their D2 playoff last year–go on to play Treasure Valley for fifth place tomorrow at 2pm; Brandywine will play Brewcity for 7th at noon.

Suburbia Jammers Jams Lead Points Brandywine Jammers Jams Lead Points
Lauren Forcer (50) 18 9 134 Buenos D. A$$ (138) 13 3 56
Veloce Villain (84) 13 7 88 Skinny Guinea (9) 15 10 53
Charlotte Bupowski (382) 13 6 43 Not-Knotty (273) 14 8 35
        Dirty Rox-Tini (6) 0 0 8
        Crash Bansheekoot (121) 1 0 0

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#101 Rapid ArrhythMIA (Captain) // #121 Crash Bansheekoot // #138 Buenos D. A$$ // #23 Thresher // #247 Anya Alnight // #273 Not-Knotty // #6 Dirty Rox-Tini // #728 Ballerinka // #757 Cutthroat KC // #789 DeckHerH8er // #9 Skinny Guinea


#18 Dina Sore Jr. // #19 Angry Penguin // #23 Berry Boom Boom // #325 Rogue Pierog // #333 Nail Diamond // #382 Charlotte Bupowski // #5 AldanaMite // #50 Lauren Forcer // #555 Aya Yai // #66 Little Loca (Captain) // #78 Brawl Stanley // #84 Veloce Villain // #89 TNTeeny // #U92 Party Girl Accelerator

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