D2D 3rd: St Chux Overwhelms Big Easy, 295-84

D2D 3rd: St Chux Overwhelms Big Easy, 295-84 Photo (c) Jeff Higgins iaremoron Photography

DULUTH, MN–New Orleans’ Big Easy were a founding WFTDA member making their first appearance at playoffs this year; St Charles’ St Chux are a new league just breaking onto the scene. An impressive 9-1 record for the year coming into the tournament had secured St Chux top seeding here, but wasn’t enough to see them all the way to the final as they were shown up a little by Sin City’s dynamism. They had no such problems with Big Easy, though–they put on a thoroughly dominant performance and clinic in soul-destroying meat-grinder defence and finished 295-84 winners to take the bronze medal.


St Chux were certainly favourites going into the bout, and they showed it right out of the gate. Big Easy’s jammers all struggled against the strength of the D-focussed St Chux packs and as multiple penalties were forced in the first quarter, the Missouri team raced into an 85-17 lead.

St Chux got the better of the rest of the half too, though it was made a little more even after Diet Choke and Rock Bottom got into the game for Big Easy. St Chux led 133-52 going into the half.

The second period started with utter dominance for the team from St Charles. Their meat-grinder defence drew penalty after penalty from the Big Easy jamming corps and held them scoreless for ten minutes. The margin got up to 191-52 before a power-start let Big Easy’s Abeata Applebum put up their first points of the half seven long jams in. The run was 123-18 going into the final five minutes when Beatrix Skiddo almost doubled Big Easy’s point return for the half.

With one second left in the game St Chux called a time-out to squeeze a few more 2014 playoffs ranking points out of the game. GI Jaime duly delivered as Whip L’Ash dominated Applebum with a 34-0 jam–and St Chux finished 295-84 winners.

St. Chux Jammers Jams Lead Points Big Easy Jammers Jams Lead Points
GI Jaime (m80) 10 7 95 Abeata Applebum (93) 18 9 50
Jedi Knight-n-Gale (4CE) 12 8 85 Coalminer’s Slaughter (650) 21 7 34
Flash (124Q) 12 8 65 Beatrix sKiddo (81) 5 0 0
Sleazy E (3) 11 6 50

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.

St Chux

#1 Ninja Sassem // #124Q Flash // #13 Zo D. Axe // #19 Bobbi Slamher // #1979 Lisa Frank-N-Stein // #2 Vixen Ta Getcha // #211 Stabby McCutcha // #22 Tara Eyes // #3 Sleazy E // #48 Jane Error // #480 Pixie Dust-ruction // #4CE Jedi Knight-n-Gale // #AK47 Whip L’Ash (Captain) // #m80 GI Jaime

Big Easy

#00 Rock Bottom // #1108 Lacy Underalls // #1954 Bang Crosby // #2012 Rogue Roulette // #440 Harmaknee // #5 Diet Choke // #510 BRUTALicious // #650 Coalminer’s Slaughter (Captain) // #76 NOLA Ebola // #81 Beatrix Skiddo // #86 Killjoy // #911 Pork Chop Slamwich // #93 Abeata Applebum // #999 Muttley

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