D2D 9th: Omaha Tramples Tucson, 184-138

D2D 9th: Omaha Tramples Tucson, 184-138 Photo (c) Wes Bailey.

DULUTH, MN–Omaha opened up each day of playoffs with the 10am game and today their strategy really seemed to come together. They put Flash Gloria back on jammer duty, while putting Faye in as blocker; they also took more control of the pack and utilized star passes when their jammers were stuck. Tucson started out strong, but ran into penalty trouble and gave up too many power jam points. Omaha ended their weekend with their first win, 184-138–consigning Tucson to 10th place with a 0-3 record.

After two playoff games, Pixie Axe was Tucson’s lead scorer with 149 points, and despite blocking for a whole half yesterday, Flash Gloria was still Omaha’s with 117 points. They kept meeting at the jam line for most of the first half, getting out of the pack at the same time and cancelling each other out. That left most of the point scoring for the Saddletramps to Run and Heidi and birthday girl Death Proof, and the two ran up a strong lead, making it 52-14 with 13 minutes left in the first half.

Omaha blockers including Eblastagirl provided more offense for their jammers off the line and as Omaha started to pick up lead, they quickly tightened up the gap. While Flash was picking up a couple grand slams, Run and Heidi tried to pass the star to Bone Eta, and after a tangle, Eta fell and took a hard hit to the head, sitting out the rest of the half.

With about five minutes left in the half, Tucson went through a five-jam scoring drought when Mystery Meat took the jam line and ran into another series of penalty troubles. Three power jams in a row got Holmes Sweet Holmes four points, Flash 23, Ima Firestarter five and Flash nine more, to give Omaha the lead at the half, 78-60.

Returning from the break, Pixie and Flash met once again and, while Flash earned lead, she came back around with too much speed and committed a back block. This gave Pixie a 27-point jam, but after Flash returned, she put up 12 of her own. Tucson took the lead briefly during that jam, but it ended with Omaha back on top by three points.

Omaha continued to control the game with lead status and cohesion in the pack, working up a lead of nearly 40 points. As they tried to start a jam with a star pass though, Ima Firestarter ended up in the box with the star instead, but was shortly followed by Pixie Axe, making it a full two-minute jam. Firestarter returned with a forearm and gave Tucson a much needed power jam. Pixie Axe earned 20 points for Tucson–but then committed an egregious back block and was expelled following an official review. Tucson’s hopes of a comeback win left the arena with her.

With about ten minutes left, Omaha started to settle down and stay in control while Tucson continued to suffer from penalty trouble. Minus a jammer, Tucson jammed Shana Banana Hammock a few times, but she could only pick up two points. Omaha closed out their weekend 1-2 earning 9th place with a final score of 184-138.

Tucson Jammers Jams Lead Points Omaha Jammers Jams Lead Points
Pixie Axe (33) 12 7 51 Flash Gloria (32) 22 17 126
Death Proof (37) 11 6 38 Ima Firestarter (53) 14 6 41
Mystery Meat (717) 14 4 26 Holmes Sweet Holmes (3) 10 6 12
Run And Heidi (26) 10 3 21 Skateaway Faye (G30) 2 1 5
Shana Banana Hammock (010) 2 1 2        

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#0602 Bohemian Bruisin BombshElle // #101 Sharon Misery // #215 Bella Cose // #3 Holmes Sweet Holmes // #32 Flash Gloria // #38 Crash Heartless // #42 Axl Rogue (Captain) // #4Q Matadora // #53 Ima Firestarter // #6FT D’Naille Inya Coffin // #750 Southern Discomfort // #964 Eblastagirl // #G30 Skateaway Faye // #MK80 Molly Massacre


#010 Shana Banana Hammock // #10 Kosma Nauti // #13 Blaxican Bomber // #24 Midnight Crasher // #26 Run and Heidi // #3 Pinky McLovin // #33 Pixie Axe (Captain) // #36 Hudson Hornet // #37 Death Proof // #4N6 Bone Eta // #717 Mystery Meat // #86 Dirty Duchess / #88 Alabama Whirley // #9 Ema Sculator