D2KW: Berlin Shuts Down DC, 166-156

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The top-seeded DC Rollergirls faced Bear City’s 9-seeded Berlin Bombshells in the fourth game of the Kitchener-Waterloo games, and what a game it was. These teams have faced each other twice in the past two years, with Bear City taking the win in 2012–shortly before DC went to the final Eastern Regional tournament where they finished 6th–and DC taking the win in early May this year at the Beach Brawl. Bear City made it 2-0 on the day, and 2-1 all-time against DC, with a last-jam 166-156 win.

Both teams entered the game with tight defense and incredibly strong jammers, which was not unexpected given each team’s respective seasons. DC’s Rocky Brawlboa and Bear City’s Master Blaster stole the show as top jammers throughout the first half and this continued through the duration of the second half as well.

Bear City quickly established lead over DC, but DC was able to stay close in score through the first 15 minutes of the first half. At about 15:30, after four scoreless jams, Bear City surged ahead to a 44 to 21 score, and were able to consistently add to this lead for several jams.

DC went scoreless for 7 jams in total, finally putting some more points on the board with about 11:30 left to play. Master Blaster then took a power jam, followed by a series of lead jam status jams for Bear City, widening the lead 100 to 40 with about 4:00 left to play.

Bear City likely could have established a larger point spread during this time, but had a series of attempted star passes in the middle of scoring passes that kept them from putting some additional points on the board with the star not donned in time for passes to count.

DC seemed to be getting a bit desperate, thus committing several penalties in the last few jams. This did not help their endeavor to close the point differential, and both teams left the track at the half with a score of 115 to 52, Bear City comfortably in the lead. Berlin also won the first half penalty battle; they committed 10 in the first half to DC’s 20.

In the second half, DC came back looking mentally refreshed with their eyes on the prize. They had an almost immediate power jam in their favor, scoring a whopping 46 points to Bear City’s 4 points, bringing the score much closer at 115 to 83 in the opening few jams. DC’s jammers looked generally more focused, and their blockers had reestablished their tight defensive walls.

DC continued to have some good runs, steadily closing the gap, and at 15:33, the score was 133 to 113. DC had regained control of the game at this point, and looked to be on their way to overtake Bear City. With 11 minutes left in the game, DC had closed the score 137 to 125.

Jam 18 was a reassertion of power by both teams. Both teams had impenetrable defensive walls, and DC’s Viva Violence was able to get out of the pack first, but not as lead. Bear City took a power jam in their favor, but DC did not allow them to take advantage of this. A few jams later, Rocky Brawlboa got lead jammer, taking two grand slams and we saw our first lead change of the game. Bear City then got a power jam, racking up a few points, and Bear City again took the lead 151 to 144 with 4:33 remaining.

The last few jams were adrenaline-inducing, as both teams fought incredibly hard to take the game. Master Blaster jammed several jams in a row, but DC was able to regain the lead on a power jam at 2:48 with a 154 to 151 score.

Master Blaster got out of the box, and changed the lead yet again. Bear City forced two track cuts on DC, and this essentially won them the game. The final jam started with a score of 166 to 156 in Bear City’s favor–and the German side on a power jam. Master Blaster was able to close the deal in a 0-0 jam, Bear City taking a huge upset over DC, winning 166 to 156.

DC Jammers Jams Lead Points Berlin Jammers Jams Lead Points
Rocky Brawlboa (K0) 16 10 69 Master Blaster (2) 27 19 79
Jill Hill (85) 13 6 33 Donner Doro (22) 13 5 47
Viva Violence (1) 9 2 25 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez (247) 0 0 26
Miller-Miller (606) 6 2 25 Kozmic Bruise (B612) 9 2 14
Yankee Scandal (978) 3 1 4        

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

DC Rollergirls

#1 Viva Violence // #1209 Maggie Walters // #1797 Stabigail Adams // #1883 Scoriental Express // 2012 Sweet Kay Oz // #31M Griffith (Captain) // #5 Neve Cannibal // #606 Miller-Miller // #798 Kung Pow Kitten // #85 Jill Hill // #86BC Artemis Conduct // #910 Bloody Elle // K0 Rocky Brawlboa // #LD50 Yankee Scandal

Bear City

#109 Emmazon // #12 Paulina Pocket // #2 Master Blaster // #22 Donner Doro // #247 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez // #42 Lizzy Slaughter // #505 Heavy Rotation (Captain) // #67 Karo’Bolage // #79 Bee Fattal // #B612 Kozmic Bruise // #79 FoXy Führer


CHR Tootie Tinwhistle // IPR Penny Whistler // JR Julius Seizure // JR Dänziger // OPR Bonezy Adams // OPR Dell From Hell // OPR Ref Fried Beans // Alt Official Lee Hated // CHNSO/IWB Izzy Pop // PT Rx TrogDora the Jaminator // PTW N. Vaidya Space // JT Nora Leif // SBO OrgAnnica // SK Rx Wishbone Breaker // SK Rx Plug McCracken // PBM Sho’Nuff // PBT FN Zebra // PBT Charles Dickins // LT Rx Bubbles DeSmeare