D2KW: Gold Coast Frays Grand Raggidy, 213-197

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The second game of the Kitchener-Waterloo leg of WFTDA’s division 2 playoffs was every bit as close as the first, but was a much scrappier encounter. Errors for both sides cancelled each other out as neither could get a particularly strong hold on the game, with both letting the initiative slip just as it looked like they might get a hold on the game.

The game ended as it had been played with jammer penalties for both sides in the final jam, and Gold Coast hung on to take the win 213-197.

A very even first half was only opened up in the final seconds when a star pass to Baller Shot Caller let her put up 25 points for Gold Coast and gave them the biggest lead of the game going into half time, 94-74.

Gold Coast extended the lead a little in the opening exchanges of the second period before the pattern of the first half resumed. The teams traded power jams and errors–and just as the errors on Grand Raggidy’s side started to come thicker and faster, making it look like Gold Coast could run away with things, the Florida team handed the initiative right back with a run of jammer penalties. That took the game back within single digits.

Grand Raggidy took the lead just before Ringo Death Star fouled out–and Gold Coast took the lead as she left the arena as the final ten minutes began. From being one point behind, Gold Coast went on a 25-0 run across the next few minutes. Lucy Morals did have a big jam to bring it back within single digits going into the final two jams.

It was still within reach for Grand Raggidy in the final minute. Ultrafox had a 23-point gap to close with almost a full jam to run as the period clock expired and Bitchin’ N Rollin was boxed on a cut–but was Fox was boxed on a forearm on her first scoring pass. To add insult to injury, Ultrafox lost the jammer panty on her return when being hit to the floor–and Bitchin’ N Rollin made it safe with GCDG emerging 213-197 winners.

Gold Coast Jammers Jams Lead Points Grand Raggidy Jammers Jams Lead Points
Bitchin N Rollin (000) 10 8 57 LUCY MORALS (77) 13 4 76
SOOKIE SKANKHOUSE (0) 6 3 46 Ultra Fox (17) 16 6 65
POW POW PANTHER (69ER) 4 1 29 Xtreme Tac (35) 7 4 33
BALLER SHOT CALLER (143) 1 1 28 Mona Vaydid (09) 6 3 18
Kitten Not Submittin (9) 8 3 23 FREAKN C (25) 1 0 5

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Gold Coast

#0 Sookie Skankhouse (Captain) // #000 Bitchin’ N Rollin // #117 Reverse Cowgirl // #1337 Bandida // #143 Baller Shot Caller // #28 Clea Patra HeartbreakHer // #3024 Freek-A-Rella // #422 Annihilating Annie // #47 SoulJourner // #49er Pow Pow Panther // #5X5 Belle Kabong // #82 Rageaholic Rex // #88 Lucy Liunatic // #9 Kitten Not Submittin

Grand Raggidy

#00 Bette Mangler // #01 Lindsay Blowhan // #09 Mona Vaydid (Captain) // #14 Gypsy Rose // #17 Ultra Fox // #25 Freakn C // #30 Straight Edge Revenge // #33 Trashy Twolips // #35 Xtreme Tac // #77 Lucy Morals // #83 Ringo Deathstarr // #88 Garden Ho

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.