D2KW: Killamazoo Adjusts Outfit, 203-191

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–In the first half of the third Kitchener-Waterloo game, Killamazoo and The Chicago Outfit delivered the anticipated close match of skill and action. It was a back-and-forth game with momentum swings both ways–but Killamazoo got the swing towards the end and took the win 203-191.

While Killamazoo got lead 64% of the time in the first half, the first half generally came down to a game of two jammers. The Heckler from Killamazoo and Lola Blow from The Outfit jammed frequently and were equally successful. As such, the game was a constant shift of momentum between both Killamazoo and The Outfit, the score remaining nearly tied for most of the half. The Outfit had a slight lead for most of the first half, and both teams really seemed set on taking control of the game early on.

The Outfit took advantage of Killamazoo’s 15 penalties, and were able to leave the track with a halftime lead of 95 to 87. The Outfit were no strangers to the penalty box either, leaving the first half with 12 penalties, but neither team left the half with players in serious penalty trouble.

Killamazoo, traditionally a second half team, did not disappoint when play resumed after the break. Jammers Heckler (Killamazoo) and Lola Blow (The Outfit) were still the most prevalent jammers, but each team utilized other jammers more frequently in the second half. Killamazoo’s Doobie Trap and Aly-Kate Contusions were both strong jammers, and The Outfit utilized Jennagizer Bunny and Joan Ranger. For the first ten minutes of the second half, the game looked much like it did in the first. The Outfit maintained a small lead, and both teams were playing with intensity and aggression. Killamazoo, looking to gain control of the game, began slowly chipping away at The Outfit’s lead, regaining the lead seven jams in, 113 to 110.

Killamazoo went on to get lead jammer status the majority of the remaining jams. A few power jams allowed Killamazoo to establish a more comfortable lead, and while The Outfit remained steady in their strength and aggression, they began looking a bit flustered against Killamazoo’s strong offensive game. The Outfit brought the game within a single point in jam 13, the score 139 to 138 in favor of Killamazoo. Though the Derby Darlins maintained lead for the rest of the game, The Outfit certainly kept the game close.

In the last jam, Killamazoo was leading 190 to 177. Both teams came into this jam looking to take the win. The Heckler once again got lead jammer quickly, and The Outfit’s jammer went to the box. This allowed Killamazoo to continue to score points. Trying to run the clock down, Killamazoo was forced to continue the jam as The Outfit’s jammer re-entered the track. Defense was intense, and each jammer was fighting, but The Outfit was ultimately unable to overcome Killamazoo, and the game ended with a score of 203-191.

Killamazoo moves onto the semifinal tomorrow at 2pm EDT; the Outfit fall into the consolation bracket.

Killamazoo Jammers Jams Lead Points Chicago Outfit Jammers Jams Lead Points
Heckler (314) 12 9 67 Lola Blow (138) 17 10 97
Doobie Trap (1313) 13 8 55 Matza Ball Breaker (18) 11 4 34
Jessie Girl (89) 10 5 55 The Joan Ranger (14) 6 3 27
Alykate Contusions (1148) 5 3 20 Jenergizer bunny (212) 9 2 24
Beaver Jam (78) 3 1 6 Suzie Crotchrot (666) 0 0 9

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.


#1148 Alykate Confusions // #1150 Neva // #13 Lily St Smear // #1313 Doobie Trap // #1776 Merica // #217 Emma Pistol // #314 Heckler // #365 Miss B. Haven (Captain) // #480 Crashive Aggressive // #5 Rolla Ramher // #77 Heartless Hottie // #78 Beaver Jam // #89 Jessie Girl

Chicago Outfit

#00 Kim Mortal // #0902 Hero Shima // #138 Lola Blow // #14 The Joan Ranger // #18 Matza Ball Breaker (Captain) // #1978 Nikita // #21 Samantha Judge // #32 Pain Gwen // #43 Sneer and Loathing // #50 Lethal Dose // #666 Suzie Crotchrot // #708 Agony Andy // #82 Jenergizer Bunny // AK47 Lady K