D2KW: Gold Coast Overthrows Queen City, 214-167

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–While these two teams hadn’t met previously, Queen City skated into this game the clear favorites. And while Gold Coast had made short work of Grand Raggidy only hours prior, not entering this game fresh looked likely to do the team no favors. What happened instead was the day’s second huge seeding upset with Gold Coast taking the win, 214-167, and ensuring that for the first time in WFTDA tournament history both top seeds had been consigned to the consolation bracket.

The game was characterized by strong lead jammer grabs, with the opposing jammer often still in their initial pass by the time the lead hit the pack for a scoring run. While Gold Coast started off strong, they were soon overtaken on points by Queen City who had a period of carefully controlling the game, putting up points in spurts. Gold Coast wasn’t to be denied, however, inching up and then trading a series of lead switches with Queen City as they headed towards the half-time break, which Queen City entered on a high note. But then it was abruptly Gold Coast’s game, as they came out strong in the second half, and held lead jammer status for so many consecutive jams they created an unconquerable lead for themselves.

It was the second jam before Queen City put their first three points on the board, with Gold Coast coasting at a solid 16, before grabbing lead in the next jam, and 9 more points. Viewers were expecting good things from jammer Souljourner, who was most effective jammer in their earlier game against Grand Raggidy, but didn’t get to see more than one jam from her till the 9th jam of the game, perhaps as she rested just a little more after that showing.

With just one more point added for Queen City by jam 6, Gold Coast pushed up solidly in the following jams, taking the first of their team time outs at a sudden 8-point push-back by Queen City at 7 mins into the game, with a power jam start for Librawlian. Their consternation was proved right, when Queen City added more points in the next two jams, bringing a 21-0 three-jam streak to the game and narrowing the point differential to only 6 between the teams before rapidly taking the lead.

But then Queen City jammer Souljourner was recycled out and back on a full 2-minute jam, after both jammers were boxed, and was then allocated a final-second cut penalty. That left the score at 37-35 to Queen City 12 mins into the game. Queen City’s point additions were relentless, however, and Gold Coast’s inching couldn’t match them. The first quarter ended with 56-39, Queen City now firmly in the lead.

But with only ten minutes left in the first period Gold Coast took a power jam with their Baller Shot Caller taking a rare turn with the star. The Team USA skater put up a 20-point jam,and restored Gold Coast’s lead in the 23rd minute, 73-71.

Librawlian then snuck in points in a 4-0 jam that was still just enough of an addition to switch the lead back to Queen City. Gold Coast kept pushing in the next jam for another lead switch, 82-79, but Queen City took it back in the next jam, with the game’s fifth lead change and held it into the half, entering half-time with the lead at 95-86.

Just two jams into the second period, we saw the sixth lead change of the game as InSINerator got back-to-back penalties, and Baller received a star pass from Souljourner ensuring a huge 25 point jam which effectively sealed Queen City’s fate.

With a lead jammer run of 10 consecutive jams, Gold Coast steadily added points and made their lead insurmountable, holding Queen City to 9 as they surged on.

The strong Souljourner / Baller duo put up most of Gold Coast’s winning points in big additions, even though Baller’s blocking tendencies kept her from the star cover in all but 5 of the 48 game jams. While Gold Coast’s defense seemed to really shut down all opposition for that lead jammer run, when it came to a close, the 85 point lead they had ensured was effectively a game-ender for Queen City’s hopes for a victory.

Queen City used their last two team time-outs in the final three minutes of the game to gather themselves, putting key jammers InSINerator and LiBRAWLian out one after another to take lead jammer status. However, as Gold Coast rounded the double century mark, even those jammer’s point additions wouldn’t bridge the gap.

Final score and a rankings upset for Gold Coast, with a win of 214-167.

Queen City Jammers Jams Lead Points Gold Coast Jammers Jams Lead Points
LiBRAWLian (622) 17 8 60 Souljourner (47) 11 8 70
Low Hits Griffin (153) 9 5 43 BALLER SHOT CALLER (143) 4 2 52
InSINerator (1666) 10 5 29 Bitchin N Rollin (000) 15 8 48
Abercrombie & Fists (99) 8 2 19 Kitten Not Submittin (9) 11 6 32
Miss Fire (252) 4 1 16 SOOKIE SKANKHOUSE (0) 4 2 12

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Queen City

#153 Low Hits Griffin // #1666 inSINerator // #198 Blackrock Bruiser // #21 B’kini Whacks // #240 Ivana LeiHerOut // #252 Miss Fire // #46 Midnyt Maniac // #52 Tabrina Schreier (Captain) // #54 Head Huntress // #60 Pepper Stix // #622 LiBRAWLian // #711 Day TripHer // #82 Tuesday Hula // #99 Abercrombie & Fists

Gold Coast

#0 Sookie Skankhouse (Captain) // #000 Bitchin’ N Rollin // #117 Reverse Cowgirl // #1337 Bandida // #143 Baller Shot Caller // #28 Clea Patra HeartbreakHer // #3024 Freek-A-Rella // #422 Annihilating Annie // #47 SoulJourner // #49er Pow Pow Panther // #5X5 Belle Kabong // #82 Rageaholic Rex // #88 Lucy Liunatic // #9 Kitten Not Submittin


CHR Code Adam // IPR Laddie // JR Deuce Willis // JR ZDORK // OPR David Feck’em // OPR Rollbar // OPR Tawl Glass O’ Wadda // Alt Just Mo // CHNSO/IWB Screama Donna // PT Rx Duke Skellington // PTW Izzy Normous // JT Samiracle // SBO Elke Hollic // SK Rx Nowhere to Heidi // SK Rx Chunk Rock Girl // PBM Nathan Burroughs // PBT Doc Psycho // PBT Keister Bunny // LT Rx geoknitter // LT Rx Dread Gazebo // LS Aggie Battery // LS Bert Hert // ALT Wishbone Breaker