D2KW: Outfit Calms Grand Raggidy, 202-153

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The first game in the second day at Kitchener-Waterloo brought together two Midwest teams, the 5 seed Chicago Outfit and 10 seed Grand Raggidy. Grand Raggidy were favoured to win as the bout started (despite being 10 seeds) thanks to putting up a 331-105 win over The Outfit back in March.

However, The Outfit got their revenge for that early season pummelling by putting up the win when it really mattered, 202 to 153.

In the first half, two back-to-back power jams allowed Grand Raggidy to quickly establish lead over The Outfit. GRRG was able to hold The Outfit scoreless for 6 of the first 8 jams, and with about 21 minutes remaining in the half, the score was 26 to 5 in Grand Raggidy’s favor. Lola Blow was again jamming most often for The Outfit, with The Joan Ranger also having a solid first half as jammer. For Grand Raggidy, Ultra Foxx and Lucy Morals, a 7-year veteran skater, jammed primarily, but GRRG had a 4-jammer rotation.

Both teams had extremely strong defense in the form of big hits, and this was arguably one of the biggest hitting games so far this weekend. This game was also extremely penalty heavy, with the sides seeing 10 jammer penalties apiece. Grand Raggidy spent 43 total minutes in the box and The Outfit 38; this certainly played a big role in the outcome of this game.

After the first 10 jams of the first half, The Outfit began to capitalize on Grand Raggidy’s penalties, and closed the score gap. Jam 15 saw a lead change, with The Outfit leading 57 to 52 with 9 minutes remaining. In the last 10 jams, The Outfit went on a 70 to 31 scoring run and at the half, the score was 98 to 69, The Outfit in the lead.

The second half continued much as the first. Both teams were fairly evenly matched with jamming skill and with (high) number of penalties. Despite putting up a strong fight, Grand Raggidy was never able to regain control throughout the second half. The score generally stayed within about a 25-point spread, but The Outfit was able to keep Grand Raggidy at a comfortable distance.

Nearing the end of the second half, Grand Raggidy lost key blocker Garden Hoe after her 7th penalty. In jam 21, with about 5 minutes left, Grand Raggidy was able to take advantage of a power jam in their favor, scoring 18 points. This was still not quite enough to get Grand Raggidy close to overtaking The Outfit. With 3:14 left, The Outfit led with a 179 to 149 score.

After a few intense, focused jams, The Outfit secured the win over Grand Raggidy, winning 202 to 153. They will go on to play the DC Rollergirls at 4:00 PM.

Chicago Outfit Jammers Jams Lead Points Grand Raggidy Jammers Jams Lead Points
Lola Blow (138) 16 10 86 Ultrafox (17) 16 9 57
Matza Ball Breaker (18) 16 11 51 Xtreme Tac (35) 14 4 44
The Joan Ranger (14) 9 4 36 Mona Vaydid (09) 9 3 31
Suzie Crotchrot (666) 2 1 13 LUCY MORALS (77) 5 2 21
Jenergizer bunny (212) 2 1 11 Gypsy Rose (14) 2 0 0

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Chicago Outfit

#00 Kim Mortal // #0902 Hero Shima // #138 Lola Blow // #14 The Joan Ranger // #18 Matza Ball Breaker (Captain) // #1978 Nikita // #21 Samantha Judge // #32 Pain Gwen // #43 Sneer and Loathing // #50 Lethal Dose // #666 Suzie Crotchrot // #708 Agony Andy // #82 Jenergizer Bunny // AK47 Lady K

Grand Raggidy

#00 Bette Mangler // #01 Lindsay Blowhan // #09 Mona Vaydid (Captain) // #14 Gypsy Rose // #17 Ultra Fox // #25 Freakn C // #30 Straight Edge Revenge // #33 Trashy Twolips // #35 Xtreme Tac // #77 Lucy Morals // #83 Ringo Deathstarr // #88 Garden Ho


CHNSO/IWB Screama Donna // PT Rx Duke Skellington // PTW Izzy Normous // JT Samiracle // SBO Elke Hollic // SK Rx Nowhere to Heidi // SK Rx Chunk Rock Girl // PBM Nathan Burroughs // PBT Doc Psycho // PBT Keister Bunny // LT Rx geoknitter // LT Rx Dread Gazebo // LS Aggie Battery // LS Bert Hert // ALT Wishbone Breaker // CHR Code Adam // IPR Laddie // JR Deuce Willis // JR ZDORK // OPR David Feck’em // OPR Rollbar // OPR Tawl Glass O’ Wadda // Alt Just Mo