Killamazoo Overwhelms Gold Coast, 180-162

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Eyes on the bronze medal, 3 seed Killamazoo and 7 seed Gold Coast Derby Grrls came together in the second-to-last game of the Kitchener-Waterloo tournament and delivered an exciting, hard-hitting game. With several lead changes and extraordinary determination by both teams, Killamazoo was able to clinch the lead in the last few jams, taking home a 180-162 win.

Beginning the first half, Killamazoo took lead, but at no point was their lead considerable. Both teams brought strong diamond-formation blocking, but both also looked more frantic than they had in previous games this weekend. After many gritty jams with huge hits by both teams, the score was 59-48 with 13 minutes remaining.

By this point, both teams seemed to have settled their nerves, as the frantic feel of early in the first half disappeared.

Both teams fielded incredibly strong jammers, with The Heckler, Jessie Girl, and DuBois dominating for Killamazoo. Bichin N’ Rollin and Lucy Liunatic were key jammers for Gold Coast, and were evenly matched, as evidenced by the close score and the fierce game play.

With 10 minutes remaining in the first half, Gold Coast was closing in quickly on Killamazoo’s consistent but small lead, the score sitting at 63-57, Killamazoo in the lead. Killamazoo was able to then hold back Souljourner, scoring 9 points. This looked like the momentum shift that Killamazoo needed to really secure the game, but Gold Coast was not going down without a fight.

By this point, both teams seemed to have settled their nerves, as the frantic feel of early in the first half disappeared. Both Killamazoo and Gold Coast now showed tight defensive walls, making it difficult for either jammer to score.

Killamazoo began to steadily increase the point spread 89-58 with 3:30 left. Gold Coast saw some penalty trouble, and headed into halftime, the score was 99-64 in Killamazoo’s favor. At this point, the game really seemed to belong to Killamazoo.

But, with the first whistle of the second half, Gold Coast quickly regained dominance in the game. Bitchin N Rollin established herself as lead jammer, taking two natural grand slams over The Heckler, who could not emerge from the Gold Coast pack. The Heckler got a track cut, and the score was closed 99-82 after the first jam. Gold Coast took advantage of the power jam start in the next jam, and the score got even closer, 100-95.

This was certainly not how Killamazoo wanted to begin the second half.

Gold Coast was bowling over Killamazoo for the first 5 minutes. They were consistently taking Killamazoo’s jammers back and generally throwing off Killamazoo’s generally strong offensive game. By jam 6, we saw our first lead change, Gold Coast taking the lead 103-101, taking lead in every jam up to that point.

Killamazoo responded quickly by also beginning to draw Gold Coast’s jammers back. We had an additional lead change in jam 8, the score 110-106. For the next ten minutes, there were countless lead changes and reassertions of power. With 13:45 left the score was tied 124-124 and key Killamazoo blocker Heartless Hottie fouled out. With about nine minutes left, Gold Coast had a lead of 140-135.

This was certainly not how Killamazoo wanted to begin the second half.

Killamazoo’s already big-hitting defense ramped up in the last ten minutes of the game, with Javelin and Neva making remarkably big hits on Gold Coast’s jammers and blockers. With 5:45 left, the score was 150-139 – a sizable lead by this game’s standards.

Killamazoo was able to close the gap a bit, bringing the score to 150-139 with 2:30 left. With the next jam, The Heckler was able to get lead and ran through the pack over and over, scoring 25 points to Gold Coast’s 8 points. Killamazoo’s defense looked stronger than it had all weekend during this jam, and Killamazoo regained the lead 164-158.

In the final jam, Killamazoo’s Jessie Girl got lead and quickly got a natural grand slam, Gold Coast’s jammer stuck in Killamazoo’s defense. She was able to score one more pass, and then effectively ran down the remainder of the game clock, calling off the jam. Killamazoo took home their second Division 2 bronze medal 180-162.

Killamazoo Jammers Jams Lead Points Gold Coast Jammers Jams Lead Points
Heckler (314) 14 5 63 Bitchin N Rollin (000) 19 12 79
Jessie Girl (89) 13 7 56 LUCY LIUNATIC (88) 15 8 44
Alykate Contusions (1148) 11 7 35 Kitten Not Submittin (9) 5 1 20
Doobie Trap (1313) 13 7 26 BALLER SHOT CALLER (143) 0 0 8
        Souljourner (47) 6 2 7

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.