Outfit Remodels Demolition, 189-150

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Looking to take the title of 7th place overall, Demolition City (who came into the tournament an 8 seed) took on The Chicago Outfit (originally seeded 5th). Each team clearly had their sights set on victory for this game, but after an intense 60 minute fight, Demolition City was unable to match The Outfit’s smart defense and determined jammers. The Chicago Outfit took 7th place with a score of 189 to 150, though the score didn’t necessarily reflect how closely matched these teams were in terms of skill and intensity.

In the first half, both teams showed very different defensive blocking styles. Demolition City continued their tradition of big hits and more individual blocking, while The Outfit utilized more focused walls and positional blocking. The first half was a very low scoring and slow-moving game overall, with many jams going the full two minutes. Within each jam, though, the defense was generally fast-paced and spread out.

With 15:30 left to play in the first half, the score sat at 40 to 7, with The Outfit in the lead, a reflection of how low-scoring the first half was. For Demolition City, Stepheree got into some early penalty trouble, but continued to be one of Demolition City’s key jammers for the remainder of the game regardless.

At 10:45, the score remained low, 58 to 20 in favor of The Outfit–but the Chicago side then went on a scoring run and were able to widen the score gap to 72 to 24 with 4:45 remaining in the half. DCRD then had their first huge surge of energy, and the score at the half was 82 to 55. At this point, Demolition City had clearly refocused.

Demolition City opened the second half in similar form to the first first, looking somewhat disjointed and less energized than they had going into the locker room. The Outfit took a power jam in their favor, and widened the score 104 to 60 with 26:15 left to play.

With about 18:15 left in the game, Demolition City had regained their control, though the score still sat 116 to 90. They were able to hold The Outfit nearly scoreless for several jams, and closed score 123 to 109 at one point. The Outfit was able to continue to run the game, however, and with 8:45 left to play, the score was 152 to 131, comfortably in The Outfit’s favor. With each power jam, both teams made the other team’s jammer fight for points, and these generally didn’t give any sort of advantage to the team favoring from the power jam.

While Demolition City fought to the last whistle, they were not able to overturn The Outfit and the game ended 189 to 150, keeping The Outfit within striking distance of their original 5 seeding with 7th place and Demolition City maintaining their original seed with 8th.

Chicago Outfit Jammers Jams Lead Points Demolition City Jammers Jams Lead Points
Matza Ball Breaker (18) 16 7 75 Stepheree (81) 12 10 64
Lola Blow (138) 16 8 74 Steel Stiches (44) 10 3 43
Ice Hurt (15) 8 3 31 Shelby N. Pain (75) 10 6 28
The Joan Ranger (14) 2 1 9 Bangs McCoy (22) 0 0 6
        Hurtz Donut (0) 3 1 5

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.