D2KW: Berlin Mauls Killamazoo, 232-185

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–While Berlin had not outperformed pre-tournament expectations as much as Gold Coast this weekend, they were still proving themselves to be formidable opponents. This was no exception against Killamazoo; while they almost let a large first-half lead slip away as a tight first period was followed by a much looser second that gave Berlin fans their usual palpitations, the final few jams were carried out nervelessly for the Germans’ most comfortable win of the weekend so far, 232-185.

Kilamazoo got out of the blocks slightly faster, but once Master Blaster hit her stride for Berlin–with point support from Kozmic Bruize–there seemed to be no looking back for Berlin, as they put themselves on course for a third seeding upset of the weekend as they continued to make a mockery of their June 31 WFTDA ranking.

Kozmic Bruise shook off an uninspiring opening day to show off the wealth of skill and experience that she has brought to Berlin from the Paris Rollergirls this season as Berlin raced into a 136-77 lead at the half built off clean play as much as anything else. They had 7 penalties–including two with the star for Master Blaster–in the first half to Killamazoo’s 27. That meant that while Killamazoo were dominating lead calls, with Berlin claiming a little more than one in three, they couldn’t keep pace on the scoreboard as jammer penalties often followed on scoring passes as they fought to catch up.

Lizzy Slaughter and Bee Fattal were the stars in the pack for Berlin in the first period, specialising in making Killamazoo jammers’ lives miserable with last-ditch hits and mid-pack sternum blocks–and without picking up a single penalty between them.

Doobie Trap opened the second half with a 13-0 jam taking advantage of a third penalty on Blaster to close the gap, and it looked like it might be a case of history repeating itself for the Bombshells with a dominant first period being followed by a nearly disastrous second. Berlin kept their box timers busier in the second period as K-zoo cleaned up their act, and the gap continued to narrow thanks mostly to Jessie Girl and Doobie.

Blaster picked up her sixth penalty–all accrued with the star–with 20 minutes to go and suddenly Berlin found themselves on a knife edge. In that same jam, key blocker Neva fouled out for K-zoo, but Jessie and Doobie continued to push them relentlessly towards Berlin’s total.

Berlin replaced Blaster with Catherine Beat-Her-Bonez in the jammer rotation, but Bonez found herself being pummelled by Javelin. She had to watch from the box as Doobie Trap threatened to take the lead with a little over ten minutes to go–but was saved by a backblock from the K-zoo jammer. She passed the star on her return and Blaster made the lead 20 again.

Bonez’ nemesis Javelin fouled out inside the final ten minutes to make it 12 on 11 for–just before Blaster returned to the jam line. A huge jam for Master Blaster made it 214-158 and seemingly put the bout beyond K-zoo’s reach.

Kozmic and Donner Doro closed the bout out for Berlin nervelessly, and Berlin held on to win 232-185 and book themselves a trip to Nashville. They will play in tomorrow’s final at 6pm to determine if they’ll be playing for first or third there; Killamazoo will play for this tournament’s bronze medal at 4pm tomorrow.

Killamazoo Jammers Jams Lead Points Berlin Jammers Jams Lead Points
Doobie Trap (1313) 12 8 55 Master Blaster (2) 20 7 161
Jessie Girl (89) 10 9 45 Donner Doro (22) 11 5 36
Heckler (314) 13 4 35 Kozmic Bruise (B612) 10 5 31
Beaver Jam (78) 4 3 26 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez (247) 2 0 4
Alykate Contusions (1148) 4 3 19        

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.