D2KW: DC Cleans Up Outfit, 186-169

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Traded penalties and a struggle to maintain cohesion for any length of time defined the D2 consolation-bracket match-up between the DC Rollergirls and The Chicago Outfit. DC held it together better through a messy encounter and emerged 186-169 winners, to fight for fifth and claim an improvement of at least three spots over their 2013 playoff placement.

DC got the better of some very scrappy opening jams as both teams sent a procession of blockers and jammers to the penalty box in the first ten minutes.

DC had almost doubled up on the Outfit inside the first quarter, but just before they got to that milestone the penalty pendulum swung against them and The Outfit charged back. The Outfit cut the lead to single digits on a couple of occasions before taking the lead with 2:17 left in the period courtesy of relentless intimidatory blocking and a stunning jam from Lola Blow.

DC found themselves 80-76 behind, but only for a matter of seconds. Yankee Scandal put up a 15-4 jam to close out the period, and DC gave themselves a 95-80 lead to defend in the second half.

As the second period DC did more than defend their lead and raced into an 138-84 lead after a run of Outfit jammer penalties. As with the first period, though, that dominance proved hard to hang on to. The Outfit pack forced some penalties on DC jammers. Ex-Outfit blocker Bloody Elle was doing sterling work in the DC packs, though and was a huge part of the reason DC still led going into the final five minutes.

An Outfit comeback never looked entirely out of the question–but it never materialised. DC took the win 186-169.

DC Rollergirls Jammers Jams Lead Points Chicago Outfit Jammers Jams Lead Points
Viva Violence (1) 9 4 51 Lola Blow (138) 16 9 64
Yankee Scandal (978) 11 5 47 Ice Hurt (15) 5 3 49
Jill Hill (85) 9 5 37 The Joan Ranger (14) 5 2 27
Rocky Brawlboa (K0) 9 5 25 Matza Ball Breaker (18) 10 4 21
Miller-Miller (606) 0 0 22 Suzie Crotchrot (666) 4 0 8

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.