D2KW: Queen City Confounds Demolition City, 188-174

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies were among the pre-tournament favourites but fell in their opening game. Demolition City were one of the mystery packages of the weekend having played very few sanctioned or streamed games, and had shown themselves to be formidable and physical opponents. What followed was a game that defies description except to note that it featured 92 penalties, 31 of which were jammer penalties, with 18 of those jammer penalties going to Queen City.

    Queen City Penalties Demolition City Penalties
A High Block 3 5
B Back Block 4 2
C Direction of Play 1 6
E Elbow 1 0
F Forearm 7 3
G Gross Misconduct 1 1
H Block With Head 0 0
I Illegal Procedure 2 1
L Low Block 2 1
M Multiplayer Block 6 5
N Insubordination 0 0
O Out of Bounds Block 0 0
P Out of Play Block 11 7
S Skating Out of Bounds 0 0
U Unspecified 0 0
X Cut Track 11 12
Z Game Delay 0 0
  TOTAL 49 43

It was the Lake Effect Furies who came out winners despite their own indiscipline–in no small part because of an even bigger self-inflicted wound from Demolition City in the second period. After the 188-174 win, Queen City are still in the hunt for fifth place; Demolition City will play for seventh.

Queen City held up strongly during the first 20 minutes as they looked good value for that tag despite their opening-day loss to a Gold Coast side who had outperformed expectations more than anyone else thus far, but then things started to go wrong. Demolition City came back at them hard and held a 95-76 lead at the half.

The Lake Effect Furies were fast out of the gate in the second period and retook the lead in the opening exchanges before the jammer penalty merry go round returned in full force. Queen City held their lead through the chaos–and were handed a huge advantage with ten minutes to go when Demolition City failed to field a jammer.

Librawlian took what was a close game and gave Queen City a 31-point lead with 8:48 on the clock. Librawlian was boxed after boxing an apex jump with 13 seconds of that jam to go, and Day TripHer was expelled for Queen City for an egregious out-of-play block–and the bout seemed all but gone for Demolition City.

Sprintin’ Tarantino looked to be pulling them back in the final jam after Librawlian was boxed–but hit the box on a cut herself with 19 points left to make up with almost the entire jam left to run. Queen City’s 18th jammer penalty closed out the game but made no difference the result as Librawlian sat down with only five seconds left.

Queen City will fight DC for fifth place after a 188-174 win; Demolition City will fight The Chicago Outfit for seventh.

Queen City Jammers Jams Lead Points Demolition City Jammers Jams Lead Points
LiBRAWLian (622) 14 9 76 Hurtz Donut (0) 6 4 40
InSINerator (1666) 7 5 57 GODJILLA (82) 7 2 39
Abercrombie & Fists (99) 7 3 27 Sprintin Tarantino (51) 12 6 37
Low Hits Griffin (153) 8 3 25 Steel Stiches (44) 6 3 32
Miss Fire (252) 1 0 3 Shelby N. Pain (75) 1 0 16

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.