Rideau Valley Sinks Berlin, 243-240

KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–The final of the second Division 2 tournament was contested by Bear City’s #9 seeded Berlin Bombshells and Rideau Valley’s #3 seeded Vixens–the representative teams from Flat Track Stat’s #5 leagues in Europe and Canada respectively. Form suggested that Rideau should take the win after two very strong wins in the run-up to this, but Berlin were having none of it. They took the lead inside the first quarter and held it into the final ten minutes, but could not quite hang on. It went down to the final seconds of the final jam–but Rideau Valley took the game, and the tournament, 243-240.

Rideau Valley took the lead out of the gate but looked like they might surrender it at the first opportunity, as Donner Doro found herself on a power jam. But Rideau’s Jane Rudolph had other ideas and limited Doro to 5 points across two minutes almost single-handedly.

The lead did change several times in a pair of two-minute jams in the opening ten minutes courtesy of traded jammer penalties. Jams often ran long–not only as a result of jammer penalties, but courtesy of Rideau’s occasional tactic of letting jams without Master Blaster on the track run long to keep her on the bench. Rideau Valley also used star passes off the line to force Master Blaster into early calls.

Berlin led through the end of the first quarter, but this tactic paid off for Rideau with under three minutes left with Sister Disaster running a jam with Donner Doro scoring; that led to a 27-4 jam win and took the Canadians back within a single pass of Berlin. AustinTatious made it a one-point game in the final minute of the period.

But Master Blaster turned that tactic on its head in the final jam of the period as she let it run with Shania Pain scoring, and was rewarded by an immediate forearm call on Pain–and she had a 25-4 jam of her own to leave Berlin with a 127-107 lead at the end of the first half hour of play.

Rideau’s Hannah Murphy fouled out in the third quarter as Soul Rekker bought the bout to within single digits while Doro was punished by the Rideau defence. Berlin pulled away again as they kept their game tight and clean just as Rideau’s penalty issues escalated.

It looked like the game might be taken away from Rideau Valley in the final ten minutes when they failed to field a jammer against Master Blaster–but a botched apex jump saw her receive a cutting penalty on her first scoring pass. Despite being the only jammer on the track, she sprinted to the box and spurned the opportunity to burn a good chunk of time off the clock, and then could only sit and watch as the lead evaporated. The resulting power jam let Soul Rekker put Rideau Valley into a 194-193 lead with 6:23 remaining.

A time-out for Berlin at that point let Master Blaster go right back out to try and reel Rideau back in. Reel them in she did, but only just. Margaret Choke fouled out for Rideau. A two minute jam followed that saw Soul Rekker and Sister Disaster take an 18-6 jam win into the final three minutes, and a lead of 213-202 to defend.

Rideau were down to 11–the number Berlin started on–as an elbow on Master Blaster gave Shania Pain a chance to make the bout safe. But a block to the head with the margin only 16 let Master Blaster make it 225-220 with the clock stopped at 40 seconds by Berlin’s final team time-out.

Soul Rekker and Master Blaster lined up for the final jam. Master Blaster got lead, but the Berlin pack could not contain Soul Rekker. They went point-for-point into the last 30 seconds–and to the death. A back block call on Soul Rekker came too late for Berlin–with less than five seconds on the clock, the bout was over before she took her seat.

Rideau Valley took the win 243-240, and with it the second D2 tournament trophy and a chance to play Detroit in Nashville for the Division 2 title. Berlin will also be in Nashville–they will play Sin City for 3rd in D2.

One final bright spot for Berlin–after Master Blaster’s 164-game and 533-point weekend (65% of Berlin’s total), she was awarded Tournament MVP.

Rideau Valley Jammers Jams Lead Points Berlin Jammers Jams Lead Points
Soul Rekker (55) 18 9 117 Master Blaster (2) 25 18 164
Shania Pain (24) 16 7 60 Donner Doro (22) 11 2 34
AustinTatious (91) 10 7 39 Kozmic Bruise (B612) 9 2 28
Sister Disaster (30) 0 0 27 Paulina Pocket (12) 1 0 14

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Rideau Valley

#10 Murphy // #15 Restless Rose // #16 Margaret Choke // #182 Jamie’s Got a Gun // #24 Shania Pain // #25 BlackeyE // #30 Sister Disaster // #40 Jane Rudolph // #49 Brennan // #55 Soul Rekker // #666 KiKi VonCarnage // #69 Jennifer Anderson // #9 Bottema (Captain) // #91 AustinTatious

Bear City

#109 Emmazon // #12 Paulina Pocket // #2 Master Blaster // #22 Donner Doro // #247 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez // #42 Lizzy Slaughter // #505 Heavy Rotation (Captain) // #67 Karo’Bolage // #79 Bee Fattal // #B612 Kozmic Bruise // #79 FoXy Führe

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.