Preview: #8 KCRW vs #9 New Hampshire

Preview: #8 KCRW vs #9 New Hampshire Annie Maul vs Game Ovaries (c) Sean Hale / Hale Yeah

Last year, in Richmond’s WFTDA D1 Playoffs, New Hampshire were the team that was simply thrilled to have made it to the arena. This year, with one season’s playoffs experience now under their collective belts and a 9th seed entry into the tournament, New Hampshire aren’t the new kids anymore. We’re likely to see more of their passionate enthusiasm, but with three months elapsed since their last sanctioned bout – a loss against 20th-ranked Ohio Roller Girls – and more losses than wins in their season history, the question of what kind of play we’re likely to see remains open.

The only previous occasion that these teams met was at playoffs in Richmond last year when Kansas City triumphed as New Hampshire’s controlled play on day one gave way to a more aggressive mode that saw them lose skaters; it will be interesting to see if the intervening year and the time to reflect on an impressive playoff debut will have helped the team find greater consistency.

Photo Credit: Sean Hale / Hale Yeah

Kansas City’s 272-123 win over New Hampshire in Richmond in 2013. (c) Sean Hale / Hale Yeah

Their 8th-seeded opponents in the first game of the tournament, Kansas City Roller Warriors, met two of the other teams in the tournament, Denver (3rd seed) and Terminal City (5th seed), earlier in the year at The Big O. With both games losses, it is in fact their previous Terminal City game that is an interesting indicator. Kansas City’s 150-249 loss in that match after suffering further off-season attrition is exceptionally close to New Hampshire’s own 154-250 loss to Terminal City in Richmond last year.

Kansas City have also suffered the loss of their strongest remaining player: Trauma is now skating with Texas, and is eligible to represent KCRW’s long-time regional rivals in Evansville in two weeks time.

Either way, this match-up is a mouth-watering way to kick of D1 playoffs as it looks likely to be closely fought and entertaining. The winner of this game gets everyone’s favourite poisoned chalice – a quarterfinal with Gotham at 1600 PDT.

Editing, additional reporting and opinions by Lex Talionis

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