D1S: #8 KCRW Frees #9 New Hampshire, 178-97

D1S: #8 KCRW Frees #9 New Hampshire, 178-97 Photo (c) Donalee Eiri

SACRAMENTO, CA–The opening bout of 2014 Division 1 playoffs was contested by two teams that met in playoffs last year. New Hampshire kept it closer this time–but KCRW took it 178-97.

New Hampshire got points in the opening jam and immediately after called a team time-out, but other than that it was entirely one-way traffic for the first ten minutes.

Peter Babriel impressed in the opening exchanged for KCRW–but she also gave New Hampshire their first double-digit jam of the game with a track cut as she skated with a short pack. That made it 41-15 before another powerjam–this time for Game Ovaries after a backblock on Enigma. Bella Fire did great work marshalling the KC D for that second powerjam and killed the penalty utterly, with Ovaries stuck on her initial pass throughout.

It seemed in the first period that it was only after breaks that New Hampshire could make any impact; they passed 20 after calling an official review with 10 minutes left in the period. That did trigger a revival for NH as they closed out the half strongly.

The Tartlet Dodger laid down some well-timed hits on a succession of KC jammers as NH came back with a run of seven consecutive lead jam calls. KC broke that as the half ended, and took a 77-49 lead into the locker room.

KCRW opened the second half strongly with a 22-3 run and kept up the momentum into the final quarter as they successfully took the sting out of the game. A Chicana Bruzya cut with a little over ten minutes to go was followed by her brutalizing at the hands of Tough Noogies. Mary Lou Wretched put up points across two minutes–and KCRW were suddenly out of sight at 161-78 with nine minutes to go.

The final minutes continued without incident–and it was fitting that Peter Babriel closed the bout out 178-97.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.