Preview: #1 Gotham vs NH/KCRW

Preview: #1 Gotham vs NH/KCRW Gotham in Leeds earlier this year. Photo (c) Moneyshot

Let’s get one thing clear out of the gate. This is not anyone’s game. If the winner of New Hampshire versus Kansas City were to win this game, it would make the Miracle on Ice a mere footnote in the great book of sporting upsets.

Gotham looked fallible against Bay Area and Texas at champs in Milwaukee, and that gives succour to those looking for uncertainty as to the Hydra’s destination this year–which includes us.

Looking back, there were signs of that fallibility against Minnesota in Asheville last year, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the seemingly resurgent Minnesota do this time around if they meet up in the final.

There really is very little new to say about the Gotham machine. In lieu of tired platitudes, we suggest you enjoy their own introduction instead.

They are looking as strong as ever but haven’t been fully tested this year. However, their other putative final opponents, Denver, have run them closer than anyone else this year in their 241-124 loss at the start of the season at Thin-Air Throwdown.

Want more words on them? The inimitable Thomas Gerbasi has some on the matter in his preview of the tournament from Gotham’s perspective over on the GGRD website.

Gotham Playoffs Roster

00 Ana Bollocks // 10 OMG WTF // 17 Fast & Luce // 1706 Miss Tea Maven // 1853 Vicious van GoGo // 1984 Claire D. Way // 2 Donna Matrix // 241 Fisti Cuffs // 314 Caf Fiend // 340 Bonnie Thunders (C) // 4 Violet Knockout // 404 Hyper Lynx // 41 Roxy Dallas // 4500 Bonita Apple Bomb // 46 Swede Hurt // 503 Mick Swagger // 55 Suzy Hotrod // 68C Sexy Slaydie // 929 Davey Blockit // 999 Puss ‘n Glutes

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